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Palm Beach

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With P still MIA, last weekend was quite different than my usual. My family and I took a trip to Palm Beach in Laiya, Batangas for the wedding of my cousin. I've never been to a beach wedding before and can I just say, it's one of the loveliest things to witness. The grit of the sand and shore was a beautiful backdrop to all the prettiness happening in the forefront. Also, how cute was it that their wedding march was Amber? Congratulations, Ate Kai and Art!

Check out my little friend for the day!

           My cousins, Ate Lorie and Ate Jill and my brother, Vito

Lighting of the lanterns

It follows the concept of a hot air balloon. You burn the wax in the center til it fills the lantern up with hot air.

One by one they started rising

What a breathtaking sight!



Melai said...

saw previous entries, you too look good together! nice outfit posts :) really!

Style and Soul

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Thanks for the kind words! We'll try to update soon and will definitely check out your blog. :)