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While at work last Wednesday, I got a text from my cousin Jill, inviting me to the SM show at Philippine Fashion Week. She told me that bloggers were being invited to sit front row to watch the event. Now I have been shopping in SM ever since I was a wee little one and to see their latest collection front row was a thrill I was not about to miss. And when I heard they were focusing on shoes, I was there faster than you could say "Parisian!"

So I threw on random things from my closet and a pair of teetering Monica Fig wedges and dragged my tired and aching body all the way to MOA (traffic!). With P in HK for work, I was a solo blogger for the night. There was a frenzy of people outside the function room but we found our way to the front. And when they said front row seats, they meant front row!
My view

I am in a completely different industry of work (education) so this was a different experience. I loved the unobstructed view of shoes and clothes! Initially, my intention was to focus on the shoes. Parisian, the house brand of SM Department Store, has been upping the ante since my college days ('05-ish)! I have been hoarding their shoes since then! I love how bang on trend they are and at prices that are amazingly easy on the pocket! As a college student, I'd blow my allowance on Betty, Redhead, Parisian, WWW, etc. Now that I'm a tax-paying citizen, I end up happily turning over a substantial portion of my salary to SM. But I digress.

After seeing the first few leggy ladies walk down the runway, I realized that the clothes could not go unmentioned. So I decided to do a mini-series of sorts. I've divided the show into Work, Play, and Summer Rush. I'm also going to do a quick rundown of the gorgeous shoes plus a bonus for the female readers of this blog! Stay tuned!

 Show opener