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After an extremely tiring day of work for the both of us, we decided to treat ourselves to Lattize. We first tried their fresh corned beef at the Ultimate Taste Test last Friday. It was really yummy, authentic corned beef (peppery and succulent and marinated for two days!) so we were excited to try their other dishes.

The place has very limited parking so make sure to call for reservations and come on time. They don't seem to be too busy on the weekdays though, only one other table besides ours.

D: The entrance reminds me of someone's front door. It's quite unassuming.
P: I actually read somewhere that this was converted from the owner's house, so it probably was his front door haha. It's quite easy to miss unless you're familiar with the area.


The interiors are also very pleasant and cozy and they have a simple but calming vibe going on. There was only one other group when we ate there so we had the servers' attention the whole night. Everyone was very accommodating and attentive. 
They got us ice, extra plates, additional mint jelly, water, etc! A for effort!

D: Dang, their menu was thick! I think there were 16 pages in all! It was a bit difficult to browse through because you had to keep going back to take note of your top picks.
We took pictures of it but it seems absolutely ridiculous to publish them all. 
If you're interested in checking out the menu, you may do so here.

P: The menu's a hodgepodge of Italian and Japanese dishes as well as some house specialties and family recipes. The menu's a bit overwhelming because of this and is a bit unfocused.

 House blend iced tea
P: Iced tea mixed with what D thinks is pineapple juice. Good but nothing spectacular.

 Complimentary garlic bread
D: Didn't get to taste this because I was saving my appetite for the actual meal.
P: The crust was a bit hard to chew but this was actually pretty good as far as complimentary things go. Went perfectly with the ravioli.

 Homemade mushroom ravioli with special truffled mushroom cream sauce
D: I'm a big fan of truffle-flavored pastas (Lu mac-n-cheese, Bellini's truffle cream penne). I really enjoyed this dish but you need to alternate bites with something else. On a random note, it looked like really cute baby eggs!
 P: This was awesome! The sauce is rich and garlicky. Each bite of the ravioli is packed with mushrooms and flavor. I had to pause after each one just to savor the moment. I definitely recommend this.

 Lamp chop with shitake mushroom ragout and mint demiglaze
D: At first I was a bit apprehensive about the rice because it looked clumpy but P took it apart for me and it was fine. Pretty good, actually. The lamb was so good and an absolute classic with the mint jelly.

P: The meat was good but a bit tough. I'm pretty sure it's D's fault though because she only eats her meat well-done. I like it a deep pink, myself, but that's a discussion for another time. Back to the lamb! This was very satisfying with the mint jelly. One must always have some sort of mint with lamb chops; it's a crime not to.

D:  For dessert, we had some of the amaaazing cookie cups from Cookie Bar, my friend Ivorie's store.

Chocolate Overload cookie cup
D: This is my favorite of all the flavors! The amount of chocolate chips in this is awesome!
P: I love milk chocolate so this one's my favorite too. It's a marriage between cookies and cupcakes, you can't go wrong!

 Cookie Cup with marshmallows
 D: I love how gooey the mallows get when you heat them! Of course we all know how chocolate and marshmallows are a match made in heaven.
P: You really ought to warm this up for a gooey experience.

 White Chocolate cookie cup
D: This is my brother's absolute favorite. I really like the slightly salty and buttery flavor the white chocolate gives the cookie. So so good!
P: My favorite thing about these cookies is that they're soft and not brittle. Nice and substantial too!

No fashion section today! 
We were too exhausted and haggard to smile for the camera.

224 Pilar St., Brgy. Addition Hills
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
(02) 727-7239

Cookie Bar