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Frozen Delights

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So remember that post a while back about homemade S'mores and fudge? Well we decided to make another cheap, easy-to-make, and delectable dessert, perfect for a hot, lazy weekend. 
 Ingredients (clockwise from the top): 2 cups milk, 2cups chocolate milk, popsicle sticks, 6 oz. instant pudding mix,1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips, paper cups
We got this recipe off the net but we had to tweak it a bit to suit what we had available in the grocery and to avoid D's banana "allergies" (shh, she doesn't like the taste :D). It should've been a 3 oz. pack each of chocolate and vanilla pudding to achieve a marbled effect. 
Empty the pack of pudding in a large bowl
Pour the whole or skim milk in the (vanilla) pudding mix
Beat well until fully combined
Pour the chocolate milk in the (chocolate) pudding
More mixing!
There were only chocolate buttons available so we broke them up into chips
Fold in the chips into the chocolate mix (and the banana into the vanilla mix)
Pour the combined mix in paper cups and place a popsicle stick in each
To achieve the marbled effect when using 2 batches of pudding mix, pour half of each in a cup and swirl with a knife (not shown here).
Pop them in the freezer until they set. This took about 3-4 hours. Rip open the cup and enjoy!
It turned out pretty well! They're much more substantial than your standard popsicles that turn to water as soon as you start licking. The ingredients were fairly easy to find in any supermarket and the final product was a sweet treat. We're thinking of using cookie dough or strawberries for the vanilla part if we can find the proper mix. Let us know if you have any of your own DIY snacks you like to do!

 D: Landmark top, True Love shorts, Topman necklace, SM cuff, JC wedges
 So obviously, this isn't what we wore to make popsicles at home.
 The top and the shorts combined cost less than the bib necklace! Aren't department stores awesome? So glad to find cut-offs in this cool shade straddling purple and red.
I had this top hanging in my closet since forever! It was hidden in the depths and forgotten completely until I finally got around to doing some spring cleaning this January. I love unearthing random stuff in my own closet.
Also, I got to take these out for a spin and let me tell you, they aren't for taking long walks in. They're fine for long hours of standing and even for shuffling around and dancing but the weight of the wedge makes it difficult to actually walk in.
 Not that I really care though. Love that they look like chocolate foil wrapper!
P: Topman shirt, Uniqlo belt, 21Men jeans
D got me this nice pair of skinny jeans as part of her Christmas gift last year. It fits great; snug but not restrictive. It's in such a nice shade of dark green too so it's different from any of my other bottoms. 
Snapped up this woven belt from Uniqlo. I like that it's sturdy and it's a nice deviation from the vintage/worn patina on my other belts.

Stop Shop

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 Hi guys! So we've been remiss in posting outfits and food reviews, like the lame lifestyle bloggers we are. In the meantime, I thought I'd do another "finds" post since we got a pretty good response from our post on vintage finds. I'm pretty sure most of you have already done the rounds now that it's sale season. We all probably rifled through the same racks with only slight stock variations from branch to branch so I don't want to bore you with the clothes I got that you've probably already seen. I've decided to share only the items that came as a happy surprise to me for one reason or another and it just so happens that they're all from Topshop/Topman!
 Accessory haul! These weren't marked as sale items in the Robinsons Galleria branch but I snapped them up anyway and was pleasantly surprised to find out they were all half off, score! I seriously love Topman for their accessories. I find myself drawn to them more than the ones in Topshop (although it's a completely different story in London where the stocks are faaar more comprehensive). It's a pity P finds them too "out there" so we can't just share the stuff. I find that it's much easier to justify a purchase if two people will get some wear out of it. Don't you agree?
 Armor bib necklace. Love that the plates are hinged and can wiggle around! It kind of reminds me of a dinosaur. The metal has some sort of glaze on it so it has a really nice sheen to it.
 Barbed wire cuff. This is inspired by The Manrepeller's awesome "arm parties!" I'd love to purchase some DANNIJO pieces for myself but until then this looks pretty legit paired with friendship bracelets and leather cuffs.
 Adjustable bolo tie necklace. Perfect for when I want to channel my inner cowgirl! This is a nifty little accessory that adds a unique touch without screaming. Best part is that it was only around P290!
 I'm not really in any position to acquire more shoes, especially ones that I don't usually go for. However, when I stumbled upon this pair in Greenbelt, I couldn't seem to walk out without it!
 This pair has so many elements that I don't go for! The pointy toe, the less-than-4 inch-heel, the POINTY toe, the fact that I'm trying to veer away from black shoes. I do love patent leather but this definitely isn't my usual style.
 I guess I find myself wanting to flatten out my platforms and de-chunkify my shoes lately. I've amassed so many insane wedges, platforms, and thick heels and now I'm starting to gravitate towards shoes with a steeper arch and a more delicate shape. The main problem with that is 5inch&up shoes are way trickier to walk in without that nice little lift up front under our toes. Not that these things ever deter a hardcore shoe addict, right?
Oh and did I mention the markdown of these ankle boots? P599 from P7,300.
It's nuts, I know.
*Share your sale finds with us! We'd love to see/hear about them! :)

Treasure Hunt

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This 2012,one of my resolutions is to be a bit more frugal when it comes to shopping. That's definitely easier said than done. So what's a girl to do when she's overcome with an intense need for retail therapy and is trying to cut back at the same time?!
Well, this girl decided to go on a thrifting expedition with some of her best girl friends! Actually, I'm quite thrilled with the results! I was able to score some amazing finds on two separate trips for less than the cost of one dress from my favorite high-street store. Just the thrill of the hunt and the sweet, sweet victory of finding a real gem in the midst of all that junk is worth it. I'd like to share some of the fruits of my labor with you guys, just in case anyone is in the same boat as I am and is trying to make smarter shopping choices. Please note that these photos were taken prior to my trip to the laundromat so the clothes are a little wrinkled! They look much better pressed, I promise. Honestly, I don't know why I'm compelled to defend my purchases haha.
 Leather jacket with knot closure details and puffed sleeves
 This one needs a bit of taking in at the bottom half of the sleeves but the quality of the leather is too good to pass up. It also proves to be a difficult item of clothing since I can't have it dry cleaned or washed because it's not synthetic. Now I need to look for a professional leather cleaner to get rid of the ukay germs! (Any info would be much appreciated!) I know, it's hardly a practical piece but it looks too cool when worn!
 Oversized cardigan
 I have no business buying outerwear with the summer months coming up but this one looked so snuggly and it has this nonchalant slouch that I always look for in cardigans.
 Neon pink mullet dress with gray shoulder pads. This picture doesn't do justice to the insane neon shade of this dress. I don't usually buy basics at thrift stores but I thought this was a fun, easy dress/top to throw on for casual days.
 My second favorite find of the entire expedition! Embellished tiger (and cub!!!) print t-shirt
 I died when I saw this. I found it in the men's area and it is just insane!! There's a cub licking his paw! There are pearl-y things scattered on my left shoulder! The mama tiger has pearls on her fur! Too many awesome things happening here. This is quite over-sized so I already hacked off the sleeves and made it a muscle shirt. P.S. The embellishments are actually studded through the shirt and not just sewn on! Plus points. P.P.S. At the back of the shirt, the same image is printed on in b&w!
 Sailboat print button down
 Got this spiffy shirt for P! I love the little boats all over and the contrast of the brown buttons. We usually have a problem with the fit of the men's shirts in ukays but this one fit him quite well, if a little snug. He's "hulk-ing" a bit in the shoulder area, but if you ask me, that makes him pretty happy and smug.
 This neon tribal-ish print shirt dress was purchased in anticipation of the summer! Bring on the loud prints and crazy colors!
 So I'm not really a designer-slave and I don't look through thrift stores in search of "branded" items so this was just a happy accident. Above is a Vivienne Westwood "boyfriend" blazer (for lack of a better term) in one of my favorite shades of green. I'm a bit fussy when it comes to the fit of blazers so I was really happy with how this one was cut!
 The lady behind the counter was trying her best to prove her point that Vivienne Westwood was important! "Ma'am si Bibyen Weswud yan! Mamahalin yan! Sikat kasi yung nagtahi niyan!" Wow, manang knows her brands, so cute!
 Another button-down for P! This Club Monaco shirt came in a really nice fabric and was super well-made so I thought he might appreciate it.
 You know I love my schlepping clothes! Another bright printed sundress for the summer. Can you tell I'm already anticipating my next holiday?
 CDG chambray button-down for P
 He already has a short-sleeved one but I liked the detail on the sleeve and hem on this one! Plus I fully intend to use it so it's a two-for-one deal!
Green lace top with peplum and contrast collar and cuffs in gray satin. I love how polished yet playful this top looks! The unexpected color drew me in because I don't have a ton of greens in my closet. Can't wait to wear this! 
There you have it, that's most of my haul right there! Oh but I did forget to photograph my favorite find because I already had it altered by my seamstress! I'll do a post once I get around to wearing it. I think I did a semi-good job at keeping my resolution. Now, if only I can summon my inner strength to stop myself from running to Topshop tomorrow, ugh!! Zara already claimed me in its evil clutches this morning. :S
I hope you had fun reading this post and I can't wait to hear about your resolutions, fashion-related and otherwise!

Second Skin

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How were your festivities, everyone? I hope you all had the best time ringing in the new year with the people you love. While P was celebrating in Hong Kong, I was doing the traditional countdown by the beach with my family! Now that the dust has settled and the smog is starting to lift, I thought I'd catch up on some outfit posts.
D: vintage army jacket, Topshop snakeskin pants, JC heels
Wore this to dinner with my favorite girls, just a casual night in. All the clothes were old favorites rediscovered at the back of my closet. Thought it might be nice to get some use out of them again.
These Topshop pants used to be an old favorite so I'm glad snakeskin had a "moment" awhile back. This army-vibe jacket is super heavy with all its zips and hardware so it doesn't get much play. I do love its overall look so I can't seem to give it up.
Got to take these JCs out for a spin and they were more than manageable. It's only on cobblestone paths that they were pretty unwieldy. Fair enough.

Looking for Lola Update: We're coming up with something exciting this 2012! Admittedly, it's been quite tricky trying to maintain the store while both of us are busy with a bunch of other things. However, we took advantage of both our long breaks and shot a ton of vintage with our friend, Maina. Collection drops soon and it's going to be a good one, folks. Follow us on Facebook for all the latest updates!

Last Friday Night

~ ~

This is such an overdue post but we'd like to sneak it in before the year ends to thank our good friends from Friday's. They invited us over to their newest branch in the Eastwood City Walk, along with other foodie bloggers. We got to sample some of their signature dishes and the staff showed us a typical Friday's good time.
 The party-style nachos were loaded with cheese, meat and salsa toppings.
 The trio platter with mozarella sticks, bufallo wings and potato skins, all their famous appetizers in one plate. We were definitely drawn to the potato skins that looked so good with the cheese and bacon.
 It's the king of American comfort food, the bacon cheeseburger. The meat was so juicy and flavorful. You can definitely count on Friday's for good burgers.
 The refreshments were tasty but a little heavy. We think lighter refreshments would be better with the fried and rich food.
 D's favorite chicken fingers and chips. They really know how to make good breaded and fried food. The chicken doesn't come out dry or greasy at all. 
The burger sliders featured here were surprisingly good! The perfectly cooked beef burgers were topped with caramelized onions that really got our mouths watering. These little guys really stood up to their larger cousins.
The multi-talented Friday's team
 Our finale came with much fanfare and flames. The sizzling chicken and steak fajitas looked and smelled extra appetizing served on a bed of onions and peppers and freshly singed.

 The fajitas were served with tortillas, salsa, sour cream, greens and Colby cheese
 All the goodies combined for a tasty bite
 Of course the meal wasn't complete without a couple of signature decadent desserts for the diners. We had the mocha mud pie - chocolate-almond mousse and coffee ice cream frozen in a chocolate crumb crust.
We also had the brownie obsession - a fudge monstrosity topped with a hulking dollop of good old vanilla ice cream. Both desserts were loaded with chocolate and could satisfy many a sweet tooth. You definitely have to indulge with one of these.

Thanks again to our hosts! We had a fun and delicious dinner. In fact, we loved the place so much that we went back just a couple of days later to try some of the other things we missed.