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 Hi guys! So we've been remiss in posting outfits and food reviews, like the lame lifestyle bloggers we are. In the meantime, I thought I'd do another "finds" post since we got a pretty good response from our post on vintage finds. I'm pretty sure most of you have already done the rounds now that it's sale season. We all probably rifled through the same racks with only slight stock variations from branch to branch so I don't want to bore you with the clothes I got that you've probably already seen. I've decided to share only the items that came as a happy surprise to me for one reason or another and it just so happens that they're all from Topshop/Topman!
 Accessory haul! These weren't marked as sale items in the Robinsons Galleria branch but I snapped them up anyway and was pleasantly surprised to find out they were all half off, score! I seriously love Topman for their accessories. I find myself drawn to them more than the ones in Topshop (although it's a completely different story in London where the stocks are faaar more comprehensive). It's a pity P finds them too "out there" so we can't just share the stuff. I find that it's much easier to justify a purchase if two people will get some wear out of it. Don't you agree?
 Armor bib necklace. Love that the plates are hinged and can wiggle around! It kind of reminds me of a dinosaur. The metal has some sort of glaze on it so it has a really nice sheen to it.
 Barbed wire cuff. This is inspired by The Manrepeller's awesome "arm parties!" I'd love to purchase some DANNIJO pieces for myself but until then this looks pretty legit paired with friendship bracelets and leather cuffs.
 Adjustable bolo tie necklace. Perfect for when I want to channel my inner cowgirl! This is a nifty little accessory that adds a unique touch without screaming. Best part is that it was only around P290!
 I'm not really in any position to acquire more shoes, especially ones that I don't usually go for. However, when I stumbled upon this pair in Greenbelt, I couldn't seem to walk out without it!
 This pair has so many elements that I don't go for! The pointy toe, the less-than-4 inch-heel, the POINTY toe, the fact that I'm trying to veer away from black shoes. I do love patent leather but this definitely isn't my usual style.
 I guess I find myself wanting to flatten out my platforms and de-chunkify my shoes lately. I've amassed so many insane wedges, platforms, and thick heels and now I'm starting to gravitate towards shoes with a steeper arch and a more delicate shape. The main problem with that is 5inch&up shoes are way trickier to walk in without that nice little lift up front under our toes. Not that these things ever deter a hardcore shoe addict, right?
Oh and did I mention the markdown of these ankle boots? P599 from P7,300.
It's nuts, I know.
*Share your sale finds with us! We'd love to see/hear about them! :)


Kookie B. said...

Those boots are only P599??? Ohmygoodness! Now that's one hell of a great find!

I love your sale buys, dani!

himynameis said...

I loove the metal bib! I checked out the topshop sale yesterday and I was lucky enough to find a tangerine embroidered skirt in my size for 80% off.Now I definitely wish I went earlier.

Luísa Lión said...

wait so all these jewelry is from topshop but the mes department? Never heard of topman before :)




The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Kookie: I know, P599 is nuts!

himynameis: Wow, 80% off is a pretty sweet reduction! Lucky you!

Luisa: Hi, thanks for stopping by! Yeah, all the accessories are from Topman, the male counterpart of Topshop. It's a stand-alone store actually. You can check out their website at topman.com. Hope that helps! :D

fashioneggpplant said...

oh my god! i want those shoes! didnt see them in galleria! must check out rockwell too. been feeling the same way about shoes lately. getting tired of the platforms been buying a lot of regular soled ones since december :)

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DNA (designers+artists) said...

That statement necklace is very cool...