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Thrifted quilted jacket, BKK sando, Topman jeans
I rarely score items from D's thrifting trips but when we do pick up something, it's usually a keeper like this jacket. I like that it's got a relaxed fit so you don't look like a suman when the rest of your look is tighter or tapered. It's got a nice vintage feel too, with the plaid just peeking out from the inside lining and the corduroy collar.
I was super excited when I found this shop in Platinum selling these awesome printed tops. This is my last ditch effort to get on the tribal bandwagon before it completely leaves the station. 
I was really drawn to the eye-catching print. I don't have anything like it so it's refreshing for my wardrobe.
Got these jeans for half off at the Topshop sale in exactly my size. I've been looking forever for a pair of skinny blue jeans in a 90's wash. These fit the bill and my legs exactly.
The jacket's reversible too if you want to go on full lumberjack mode.
 D: thrifted lace peplum top, Stradivarius black shorts, Pill heels
I posted about this peplum top before but it was the first time I actually got to wear it out. Things sort of get glazed over in my closet if I don't get to use it as soon as I buy it.
I have nothing in this shade of green in my closet so I was definitely keen to see how I could work with it. Love the sharp gray collar against the feminine lace too.It has ruffled cuffs that I tucked into the ends of the sleeves because it was a bit too twee for my liking.
This cross bracelet from the Topman sale (less than P300!) has been seeing a lot of action recently. I kind of like how subdued it is.
Some candy-colored earrings to brighten up my somber outfit. 
These Pill platforms are surprisingly stable. The heel isn't as precarious as I thought so it got some air time on this night out.

Recently, we've both taken to going to Barcino's for their tapas and sangria. We're not huge drinkers but their sangrias are irresistibly good. A few weekends ago, we decided to try our hand at making our own sangria without using a store-bought mix.
 There's a variety of fruits that you can add to your sangria but we chose to go with strawberries and pineapples. Some recipes also suggest peaches or raspberries. We didn't bother with fresh fruit but I don't think it makes a huge difference.
3 cans of ginger ale (approximately 4 cups worth)
 Citrus fruits are a staple but we substituted limes with calamansi since it was readily available. We used only 1 orange, 1 lemon, and 3 pieces of calamansi.
A lot of sangria recipe resources online said that you don't need to use premium wine. In fact, most sites recommended using leftover/value-for money (read: cheap) wine. They did suggest using Cabernet, Merlot, or Shiraz. We got a random bottle from Pioneer Center's liquor section, along with a bottle of Tanduay Rum.
We didn't have a large enough container to hold all that liquid so we had to use a carafe and a pitcher instead. Oh, you also need some sugar for the recipe as well.

Easy does it when you uncork your bottle! 
 We started off by quartering the lemons and oranges and halving the calamansi. Everything is going to go into your container so make sure you cut the fruit small enough to fit into the lip of your carafe/pitcher.
Pour the entire bottle of wine in.
 Squeeze as much juice from your citrus fruits as possible. Don't stress over it though because like we said, the entire wedge is going in anyway.
 Add 2 tablespoons of sugar into your container. 
 Add in a splash of orange juice. You may also use lemon juice if you prefer. 
 Then we poured in almost the entire small bottle of Tanduay (about 200+ ml). You can adjust the amount you want to put in based on your desired "kick." Some other recipes also suggest putting in 2 shots of gin or triple sec. 
 Add in one small can of crushed pineapples. Put in a splash of the juice as well. 
 Then your waiting game begins. Leave your containers in the refrigerator overnight so that the wine can capture all the flavors of the fruit.
 After chilling, pour in your ginger ale.
 Finally, add your strawberries (or whatever other fruit you prefer). You're all done! Serve and enjoy!
We were really satisfied with how the drink turned out! In no way do we claim to be wine/alcohol mixing experts but this turned out pretty good. It was a refreshing, flavorful and tasty drink all in all. The huge fruit pieces are slightly cumbersome but just strain them out as you drink. Needless to say, it was a mellow night in as we sipped our sangrias and had a movie marathon. 

Manila Adventures

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We've been patronizing these deal sites more and more as we try to save up for next year's wedding. It's a great way to sample new restaurants or experience adventures on a budget. So on a whim, we decided to snap up a pair of tickets to a unique tour of Old Manila.
The White Knight hotel offers guided tours of Intramuros with a twist.
P: You can choose to zip around on bikes or 2-wheeled upright buggies. Of course, we had to pick the Segway-like experience for the novelty, coolness, and the fact that I don't know how to bike.
This was my "ready-for-anything," lazy day outfit. Not much on the fashion front. 
D: thrifted chambray shirt, H&M track shorts, Superga sneakers
This is my version of "active wear," I guess. In case you're interested, we're selling a matte tortoise shell version of my winged sunglasses here. Check it out! :)
Our helpful instructor and cameraman
After getting past the jitters and how initially unwieldy the vehicle was, it was easy to get the hang of it. If you're thinking of embarking on this adventure, you also need to look past the obnoxiously yellow "medieval" vests, aside from all the extra padding. They serve both safety and marketing purposes.
You just shift your weight forward and back and twist the handles to move. It was such a blast to get around. It's also a bit easier to pay attention to the guide when you're not tired from walking.
These things would have been amazing for trekking around European cities! They're awesome at handling the cobblestone streets. Anyone who's ever experienced walking more than a few kilometers, whether in Hong Kong, Paris or Divisoria, knows that aching legs and feet take away from the cultural/shopping experience. 
Getting a dose of history at the courtyard of the San Agustin Church, the oldest stone church in the country and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The good part is, you're not confined to your "chariot" for the whole tour, you can choose to explore further, like on top of these stone redoubts or "baluartes" along the Intramuros walls. Since you're accompanied by two guides, one stands guard over your stuff and the equipment.
Going off-road at the monument of former Philippine presidents
At the site of the original Ateneo campus, now an events place, of all things
The White Knight chariot tour was a great way to get some culture and history while also getting some excitement. Our verdict? Growing up in Manila, the sights included were quite familiar from field trips and family outings. What White Knight does is provide a novel way of revisiting the old city.The major selling points of the tour are the "chariots" coupled with the fantastic customer service. If only we could get our hands on one of these two-wheeled babies, running errands would be so much more enjoyable.

Unexpectedly, our adventure day didn't end there. Our wandering feet found their way back to the Manila Ocean Park to check out their newest exhibit, featuring these fascinating South American penguins.
Enjoy these photos of feathered friends chilling out. Aren't they too cute?!
The day continued to take a strange turn when we found ourselves inexplicably sliding down an icy slide that was surprisingly fast by the end. Random, we know, don't judge us. :)
Hopefully we entertained you with a post on our very spontaneous day. Do try to check out the White Knight Toursa in Intramuros or the penguin exhibit in MOP.

Shady Shares

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So as you know, we've recently come from a short holiday in Bangkok, filled with tours and shopping. Since we had some left over Baht, we decided to bring back to Manila some of our bargain finds to share them with our readers. 
If you see anything you like, please follow the steps below to make a purchase:
1. Send an email to shadychronicles@gmail.com containing the ff. info:
Mobile number
Shipping address
Style code
2. Await receipt of our confirmation email containing payment details. The item will be placed on reserved status.
3. Settle the payment within 3 banking days and let us know once done.
4. Your package should arrive soon after. Wear and enjoy!
Hope you have as much fun browsing through this set of accessories as we had picking them out!
*Only one piece per style!

These statement pairs are the perfect accessory to amp up your look. Whether you decide to tone it down with a plain shirt or turn the volume up in a printed number, they're sure to turn heads everywhere!

Here's your chance to add to your Aztec arsenal! Take ethnic chic to the urban streets by pairing these with your best festival looks. Even if the storm clouds have rolled in, each necklace will still have a place in your rainy day wardrobe.

This gigantic elephant refuses to be missed. Taking up a good third of your forearm, this pack animal will do its best to make any outfit work.
Allow your sunnies to become more than just outfit-toppers. Stay shaded from the sun in style!

GIVEAWAY: Here's an extra treat for a lucky buyer! Purchase any of the above items and get a chance to win these earrings. Every item bought is equivalent to one raffle entry. We will be randomly picking from the list of customers :)

All photo credits go to my brother with the mad skills, Gio Puno. For any and all graphic design and photography needs, check out his website.