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We've been patronizing these deal sites more and more as we try to save up for next year's wedding. It's a great way to sample new restaurants or experience adventures on a budget. So on a whim, we decided to snap up a pair of tickets to a unique tour of Old Manila.
The White Knight hotel offers guided tours of Intramuros with a twist.
P: You can choose to zip around on bikes or 2-wheeled upright buggies. Of course, we had to pick the Segway-like experience for the novelty, coolness, and the fact that I don't know how to bike.
This was my "ready-for-anything," lazy day outfit. Not much on the fashion front. 
D: thrifted chambray shirt, H&M track shorts, Superga sneakers
This is my version of "active wear," I guess. In case you're interested, we're selling a matte tortoise shell version of my winged sunglasses here. Check it out! :)
Our helpful instructor and cameraman
After getting past the jitters and how initially unwieldy the vehicle was, it was easy to get the hang of it. If you're thinking of embarking on this adventure, you also need to look past the obnoxiously yellow "medieval" vests, aside from all the extra padding. They serve both safety and marketing purposes.
You just shift your weight forward and back and twist the handles to move. It was such a blast to get around. It's also a bit easier to pay attention to the guide when you're not tired from walking.
These things would have been amazing for trekking around European cities! They're awesome at handling the cobblestone streets. Anyone who's ever experienced walking more than a few kilometers, whether in Hong Kong, Paris or Divisoria, knows that aching legs and feet take away from the cultural/shopping experience. 
Getting a dose of history at the courtyard of the San Agustin Church, the oldest stone church in the country and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The good part is, you're not confined to your "chariot" for the whole tour, you can choose to explore further, like on top of these stone redoubts or "baluartes" along the Intramuros walls. Since you're accompanied by two guides, one stands guard over your stuff and the equipment.
Going off-road at the monument of former Philippine presidents
At the site of the original Ateneo campus, now an events place, of all things
The White Knight chariot tour was a great way to get some culture and history while also getting some excitement. Our verdict? Growing up in Manila, the sights included were quite familiar from field trips and family outings. What White Knight does is provide a novel way of revisiting the old city.The major selling points of the tour are the "chariots" coupled with the fantastic customer service. If only we could get our hands on one of these two-wheeled babies, running errands would be so much more enjoyable.

Unexpectedly, our adventure day didn't end there. Our wandering feet found their way back to the Manila Ocean Park to check out their newest exhibit, featuring these fascinating South American penguins.
Enjoy these photos of feathered friends chilling out. Aren't they too cute?!
The day continued to take a strange turn when we found ourselves inexplicably sliding down an icy slide that was surprisingly fast by the end. Random, we know, don't judge us. :)
Hopefully we entertained you with a post on our very spontaneous day. Do try to check out the White Knight Toursa in Intramuros or the penguin exhibit in MOP.


Anagon =) said...

Ang saya! :) Cute "active wear" hehe, and wow parang hindi pa ata ako nakakakita ng penguins, interesting!! :D

Aisa.Paxie said...

omg i wanna try this tour out! saw this sa metrodeal ata but i didn't book. wish i did!:( looks like you had fun.:))