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Athletenique Spring/Summer 2012

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Check out the latest from House of Laurel! The spring/summer collection is called Athletenique.
Athletenique is a word play on "athleticism" and "ethnic", the collection is inspired by Rajo Laurel's mantra of "fitness is fashion". The pieces feature sportswear elements (such as mesh, knits, ribbing, garters) juxtaposed with an abstract take on ethnic/tribal prints. 
The collection features a lot of bold prints and beautiful shapes for the women's line. The men's pieces are heavily influenced by sportswear silhouettes and fabrics.
Tops and coverups start at PHP5,995 and gowns can go up till PHP15,995. 
Menswear pieces are PHP3,400 for short sleeved polos, PHP3,900 for long sleeves, PHP5,500 for all jackets.
Almost all pieces are one-of-a-kind RTW in terms of color/sizing. The prints are also limited edition. 
Accessories this season will come from Miadore.
The collection launches on March 10, 2012. 9am-6pm at the House of Laurel. 
Photos by BJ Pascual
Styling by House of Laurel

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It Ended with a Song

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 Once upon a normal Tuesday night, P asked D out on a dinner date to celebrate some career milestones. So she came home from work and got dressed in this:
ratty old sweater, skorts from The Ramp, H&M sunglasses, Vince Camuto heels
 P told her not to wear a "schlepping outfit" so she skipped over her go-to denim cut-offs and sandals.
 Instead, she whipped out a new pair of skorts in this pretty summery floral print!
 Also, the obsession with these wire necklaces continue with this cool silver and turquoise bib.
 Take note, she stacked on her usual array of rings, including this 3-finger knuckle duster.
 So off they went, back to the Fort area where they had just spent an 8-hour work day. The restaurant of choice? Mamou, one of P's favorite steak places in Manila. They settled in for a nice, quiet evening with (really) good food and conversation.
 It began with a soft shell crab salad, a P and D favorite. This one had a nice balsamic dressing and a fairly generous amount of delicious crab.
 Afterwards, they started to tuck into some of Lorenzo's truffle cream pasta, a nice complement to what was to follow.
 Finally, P's highly anticipated rib-eye (juicy, flavorful, and well-seasoned) served with
 some baked mashed potatoes and
creamed spinach.
With their bellies full and their appetites satiated, D started to wind down for the evening. P, on the other hand, had started squirming anxiously in his seat. With sweaty palms and butterflies and steak in his stomach, he told D that he was going to make a quick dash for the bathroom before they headed home.

When he got up, D promptly reached for his iTouch and started playing a mean round of Temple Run. Engrossed and oblivious, she became lost in the game with matching head movements and gasps.

Upon P's return, the usual calm and ambient music suddenly turned into a loud, pulsating beat. And then this happened: (press play but better viewed on YouTube)

So if you were too lazy or just not interested in watching the 4-minute video, we're happy to announce that we're engaged! Hurray! It's been about five years since we started dating, almost two years since we started chronicling our adventures and now we're absolutely elated to take the plunge. 
The only ring that will take up a permanent spot on my hand! I can't seem to match any of my crazy rings (especially the knuckle duster that P yanked off when he knelt down) with this one but I really couldn't care less. :) 
It's been such an incredible ride and now we're facing the daunting yet thrilling task of planning a wedding. We'll try to keep this blog current so that anyone who wishes to can be right there with us. :)
If you have any suggestions or tips on anything, we'd appreciate any help we can get.
2012 is shaping up to be a good one...

D's 24th

~ ~
D: We can't seem to keep up with our blog updates as of late and since our last one, a lot has gone down. First up is my quiet little 24th birthday celebration.
Wore this out to a dinner with high school friends in Mad Mark's, a sandwich joint in Kapitolyo, where we chatted over Half-Baked Cookie Dough in Madagascar Vanilla ice cream (a must try)!
 CDG chambray button down, Zara corduroy trousers, Vince Camuto heels
 I've had these pants for the longest time but I haven't gotten around to wearing them. I know they've made all the rounds on fashion blogs everywhere but I still love them. The pattern is so fun to look at and the corduroy material isn't too thin for the Manila weather.
 Been obsessed with these hand-crafted copper wire and coral/turquoise necklaces lately! I love how vibrant the colors are and how they dress up even the plainest of tops. I ended up hoarding a few designs of rings and necklaces.
 Continuing to veer towards more understated shoe choices as evidenced by these taupe and black Vince Camuto heels, a gift from P for my birthday! They're pretty nondescript with just a hint of edge hidden in the heel. Thank you, Pao!
P: This was one of the thrifted shirts D found for me during one of our shopping trips. This was a lucky find because I don't usually get good-fitting clothes from thrift stores. Plus the pattern was really too cool to pass up.
 thrifted top, Topman pants, Primark belt, Office shoes, H&M sunglasses
 Spiffy sail boats + topsider belt details
 Love how the orange buttons pop against the crisp white and navy!
Been friends with these girls for more than a decade and I'm glad to mark so many milestones with them. A special shout-out to Rosanna and Monique in London, and Tala in the States!