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Frozen Delights

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So remember that post a while back about homemade S'mores and fudge? Well we decided to make another cheap, easy-to-make, and delectable dessert, perfect for a hot, lazy weekend. 
 Ingredients (clockwise from the top): 2 cups milk, 2cups chocolate milk, popsicle sticks, 6 oz. instant pudding mix,1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips, paper cups
We got this recipe off the net but we had to tweak it a bit to suit what we had available in the grocery and to avoid D's banana "allergies" (shh, she doesn't like the taste :D). It should've been a 3 oz. pack each of chocolate and vanilla pudding to achieve a marbled effect. 
Empty the pack of pudding in a large bowl
Pour the whole or skim milk in the (vanilla) pudding mix
Beat well until fully combined
Pour the chocolate milk in the (chocolate) pudding
More mixing!
There were only chocolate buttons available so we broke them up into chips
Fold in the chips into the chocolate mix (and the banana into the vanilla mix)
Pour the combined mix in paper cups and place a popsicle stick in each
To achieve the marbled effect when using 2 batches of pudding mix, pour half of each in a cup and swirl with a knife (not shown here).
Pop them in the freezer until they set. This took about 3-4 hours. Rip open the cup and enjoy!
It turned out pretty well! They're much more substantial than your standard popsicles that turn to water as soon as you start licking. The ingredients were fairly easy to find in any supermarket and the final product was a sweet treat. We're thinking of using cookie dough or strawberries for the vanilla part if we can find the proper mix. Let us know if you have any of your own DIY snacks you like to do!

 D: Landmark top, True Love shorts, Topman necklace, SM cuff, JC wedges
 So obviously, this isn't what we wore to make popsicles at home.
 The top and the shorts combined cost less than the bib necklace! Aren't department stores awesome? So glad to find cut-offs in this cool shade straddling purple and red.
I had this top hanging in my closet since forever! It was hidden in the depths and forgotten completely until I finally got around to doing some spring cleaning this January. I love unearthing random stuff in my own closet.
Also, I got to take these out for a spin and let me tell you, they aren't for taking long walks in. They're fine for long hours of standing and even for shuffling around and dancing but the weight of the wedge makes it difficult to actually walk in.
 Not that I really care though. Love that they look like chocolate foil wrapper!
P: Topman shirt, Uniqlo belt, 21Men jeans
D got me this nice pair of skinny jeans as part of her Christmas gift last year. It fits great; snug but not restrictive. It's in such a nice shade of dark green too so it's different from any of my other bottoms. 
Snapped up this woven belt from Uniqlo. I like that it's sturdy and it's a nice deviation from the vintage/worn patina on my other belts.


Rosanna said...

Sexy D!!!!!!!!! I "m" your fez.

PS. Those look good. Umm..new RAKET? Hahahha!