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This 2012,one of my resolutions is to be a bit more frugal when it comes to shopping. That's definitely easier said than done. So what's a girl to do when she's overcome with an intense need for retail therapy and is trying to cut back at the same time?!
Well, this girl decided to go on a thrifting expedition with some of her best girl friends! Actually, I'm quite thrilled with the results! I was able to score some amazing finds on two separate trips for less than the cost of one dress from my favorite high-street store. Just the thrill of the hunt and the sweet, sweet victory of finding a real gem in the midst of all that junk is worth it. I'd like to share some of the fruits of my labor with you guys, just in case anyone is in the same boat as I am and is trying to make smarter shopping choices. Please note that these photos were taken prior to my trip to the laundromat so the clothes are a little wrinkled! They look much better pressed, I promise. Honestly, I don't know why I'm compelled to defend my purchases haha.
 Leather jacket with knot closure details and puffed sleeves
 This one needs a bit of taking in at the bottom half of the sleeves but the quality of the leather is too good to pass up. It also proves to be a difficult item of clothing since I can't have it dry cleaned or washed because it's not synthetic. Now I need to look for a professional leather cleaner to get rid of the ukay germs! (Any info would be much appreciated!) I know, it's hardly a practical piece but it looks too cool when worn!
 Oversized cardigan
 I have no business buying outerwear with the summer months coming up but this one looked so snuggly and it has this nonchalant slouch that I always look for in cardigans.
 Neon pink mullet dress with gray shoulder pads. This picture doesn't do justice to the insane neon shade of this dress. I don't usually buy basics at thrift stores but I thought this was a fun, easy dress/top to throw on for casual days.
 My second favorite find of the entire expedition! Embellished tiger (and cub!!!) print t-shirt
 I died when I saw this. I found it in the men's area and it is just insane!! There's a cub licking his paw! There are pearl-y things scattered on my left shoulder! The mama tiger has pearls on her fur! Too many awesome things happening here. This is quite over-sized so I already hacked off the sleeves and made it a muscle shirt. P.S. The embellishments are actually studded through the shirt and not just sewn on! Plus points. P.P.S. At the back of the shirt, the same image is printed on in b&w!
 Sailboat print button down
 Got this spiffy shirt for P! I love the little boats all over and the contrast of the brown buttons. We usually have a problem with the fit of the men's shirts in ukays but this one fit him quite well, if a little snug. He's "hulk-ing" a bit in the shoulder area, but if you ask me, that makes him pretty happy and smug.
 This neon tribal-ish print shirt dress was purchased in anticipation of the summer! Bring on the loud prints and crazy colors!
 So I'm not really a designer-slave and I don't look through thrift stores in search of "branded" items so this was just a happy accident. Above is a Vivienne Westwood "boyfriend" blazer (for lack of a better term) in one of my favorite shades of green. I'm a bit fussy when it comes to the fit of blazers so I was really happy with how this one was cut!
 The lady behind the counter was trying her best to prove her point that Vivienne Westwood was important! "Ma'am si Bibyen Weswud yan! Mamahalin yan! Sikat kasi yung nagtahi niyan!" Wow, manang knows her brands, so cute!
 Another button-down for P! This Club Monaco shirt came in a really nice fabric and was super well-made so I thought he might appreciate it.
 You know I love my schlepping clothes! Another bright printed sundress for the summer. Can you tell I'm already anticipating my next holiday?
 CDG chambray button-down for P
 He already has a short-sleeved one but I liked the detail on the sleeve and hem on this one! Plus I fully intend to use it so it's a two-for-one deal!
Green lace top with peplum and contrast collar and cuffs in gray satin. I love how polished yet playful this top looks! The unexpected color drew me in because I don't have a ton of greens in my closet. Can't wait to wear this! 
There you have it, that's most of my haul right there! Oh but I did forget to photograph my favorite find because I already had it altered by my seamstress! I'll do a post once I get around to wearing it. I think I did a semi-good job at keeping my resolution. Now, if only I can summon my inner strength to stop myself from running to Topshop tomorrow, ugh!! Zara already claimed me in its evil clutches this morning. :S
I hope you had fun reading this post and I can't wait to hear about your resolutions, fashion-related and otherwise!


Gela said...

that leather jacket is perfection!!! where do you go thrifting? or is it a secret? haha! these are all such amazing finds!

boat ride through the sky

Jenine S. said...

I like the sailboat print button down and the tiger shirt! =) I got to hit thrift store soon! :p

Yna Amores said...

I love all ur purchases D! but my favorite has got to be the tiger shirt and the peplum top! Perfect!!! You are a good thrift shopper!

Gela said...

hello again, Dani! so nice bumping into you at Topshop this morning! early birds talaga pag sale ah, haha! sorry if i seemed a bit awkward. i was a little starstruck by you, heehee! hope to see you around more! enjoy your loot from the sale :D

boat ride through the sky

himynameis said...

I've been looking for thrift stores here too! hope you could recommend one/some. these are such great finds, especially the green lace top. I have the same resolution and I'm itching for some thrifting spree/retail therapy without breaking the bank (and going to baguio)

Kookie B. said...

Gaah! These are amazing finds! For 2012, I plan to start shopping at thrift stores again too! Oh I'm so excited!

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Gela: It was nice to see you too! You're so pretty!! Hellooo I was dressed like crap next to you haha!

Yna, Jenine: Thanks guys! Now I'm even more encouraged to go thrifting again!! Uh oh. :D

Kookie: I canNOT wait to see what you come up with! You always have such exciting outfits. :)

Himynameis: Good luck with your resolution too! We can do this haha! And yes, going to Baguio is a pain!
Some thrifting recommendations:
Cubao area is rife with thrift stores. I also go to Greenfield ukay across Shang and the ones across EDSA from the Shrine and Poveda! Hope that helps! Sorry I don't have their names!

Aisa.Paxie said...

OMG love your finds!!! my fave would be the blazer (of course hehe) and the peplum blouse!:) love it when you share your awesome finds hehe.

being miss east said...

deym. sana dalawa puso ko. number 1 sana ang westwood blazer and tiger shirt pareho. number 2: sailboat button down.

good finds!
and happy new year to you both ^^



jenvegas said...

Wow, I love your finds! I love the sailboat button up and peplumb top :)

Verna Joyce said...

the mullet dress is FAB!