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My first stop whenever I visit SM is the shoe section, specifically Parisian. They have such fun designs if you're looking for a trendy fix. They keep getting better and better at picking their stocks! Check these out!

 Nice cage detail! The color and details are perfect for any season.

The perfect marriage between dainty and rock and roll. I'm partial to the nude version. What about you? 

The second color scheme looks so good! Really easy to pair up with anything!

How cute are the pop of colored garters on these slingbacks?

Love the heel! Tone this down with some mannsh trousers to avoid being too glamazon.

Looks familiar? These are so perfect.
Possibly my favorite of the bunch.
 I kind of like it with untied laces? On purpose, you think? It makes it look more laid-back. Takes a bit of the edge off, which is a good thing.

Riding on the fierce trend!

My second favorite! Love the mesh and the color tone. The heel shape too! I can imagine these with my paperbag trousers and a corset top...

 The season's wedge. I have them in white! So fun with the floaty dresses and boyish hats.

Pretty floral wedges. I like the substantial height! Picked them up last March, in fact!

How cute are these?! I haven't seen them in Mega though!

The Stomp-off

Race you to SM! ;)
Let's have a throwdown!

My fashion buddy for the night!

Black cut-out top, Tiger skirt from Lola, Topshop tights again, Monica Fig wedges, pearl bib necklace

I love my new sheets with the chandelier pillows! Makes sleeping more fun than it already is.
See how they match the caftans from the show??

This is me computing how much salary I have to fork over this weekend. Oh well! It's hoarding time! :)

*P says hello from HK! He's hoping to do a post once he gets a laptop!


Safari Tree Adventures said...

I SUPER LOVE SM SHOES!!!! :D thank you for posting this. i really have to get over there soon :o haha!

Rosanna said...

i really want to comment on leopard sheets...hehehehe

shady couple indeed :P

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Lex: Good thing you aren't size 6! I know you'll hoard haha!

Sans: OMG sans you are a shady friend hahaha! Shady ng "hehehe" mo!

Donna Bernice said...

dan!!! i super loved your outfit:D yes i want SM shoes na din

- donna

Mika said...

omg i am sooo rushing over to SM ASAP


kaye said...

omg these are from SM? their shoes keeps getting better and better every year!

hope you can check out a fellow filipina's fashion blog as well!


Ina Seb said...

Omg, shoe hernia. SM is such a wonderful place :)


hotgeek said...

Hi Dana, this is shina (streetsmartchic.com)

I love their shoes... super like!

By the way, you won too... congrats!
I like your blog...cool.:D