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Friday night activities started with a trip to the Looking for Lola shop to bring in the newest pieces of Lola Limited. Look for the hot pink tags!

Check out the more detailed pictures here.


After an immensely tiring work week, we didn't want to venture too far out from where we already were so we settled for the familiar Kulinarya at the first floor of Rockwell. We've both eaten here a couple times before and we're pretty satisfied with the experience.

Very clean and hip interiors.
P: I like the chandeliers and the comfy seating we had in our booth.


 Kulinarya house blend iced tea
D: Have you noticed how we like our iced tea?! This is a pretty good blend and I'm glad they don't use the powdered, sugary kind.
P: We should've ordered the pitcher because a glass isn't enough. Sweet and not too tangy!

Mediterranean Roll - lamb, roasted red peppers, grilled tomatoes, onions, eggplant and mozarella wrapped in tortilla with sour cream and BBQ sauce.
D: Have you also noticed how lamb-crazy we are? This is my Kulinarya staple. It's also probably the only way you can get me to eat eggplant. They serve it super warm with the cheese all melty and delicious!
P: It's like a bite-sized version of Moroccan lamb stew. The taste might not be for everyone but if you want to try a unique mix of spices, this is the way to go. The salad in the center was okay but lacking in dressing.

Pork riblets - Grilled pork riblets with Asian BBQ glaze, served with side salad and parsley butter rice.
D: I really liked the sauce of this dish. Too bad we forgot to request for extra sauce until the last few bites.
P: This was cooked really well. The meat fell off the bone! Aside from propriety's sake, you barely need a knife. I really enjoyed the sweet smokey barbecue sauce!

Quiche Lorraine - bacon and cheese
D: I cut off the back crusts of the quiche because it was a bit thick. It was quite a subtle flavor and I wish there was a bit more bacon. It made for a nice addition to the meal though.
P: I loved the kick that the blue cheese contributed to an otherwise mild dish. We were looking for the salad dressing but it turned out to be under the quiche dish so essentially, we had a pile of leaves. 

* Kulinarya definitely has a lot of interesting dishes and we'd like to come back to try them all. It's a little strange how every dish we ordered had a bunch of greens. Perhaps they have a farm in their back kitchen. A little restraint or variety would be nice.


Topman jacket, U2 shirt
P: Nothing special today, just Friday casuals from the office. It's really cold at work so I have to lug a jacket around. It's one of my favorites because of its utilitarian feel. The number of pockets make it ideal for traveling! It's like having a second carry-on.

 Army green jacket, vintage thrifted  floral dress, white oxfords from Cubao X
D: This jacket has a similar feel to his jacket. The pockets are all functional but I don't use them because I don't need to look any heavier than I am.

The oxfords were a steal at P200 from Cubao X. I love the soft leather and  how versatile they are!

I sometimes feel like hurling when I see the many incarnations of floral prints everywhere but I hang my head in shame for having succumbed to this sweet dress. It used to be floor length so I had it chopped up. I love the side ties to cinch in the top half of the dress.

Busy Saturday tomorrow, hope everyone's having a good night out!


Rosanna said...

i love how the hot pink tags came out!!!!!!! :D so excited to do more things for lola limited!!!!

Kookie B. said...

Dani, that floral dress is a dream! You look so cute in it!

Noelle Chantal said...

that floral dress is a steal! love the criss cross detail on the back. plus those shoes i want. both of you looked good :)

will try Kulinarya soon. :)