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The Work segment of this series shows the different looks that are office-appropriate. Now I don't know about you, but my dress code at work is pretty conservative. No sleeveless, cleavage, skirts hitting the knees, printed bottoms from Mon to Thurs,etc.

What I loved about the show is that the pieces could actually be carried over from one part of my life to another. That's what made it so difficult to classify the outfits!

I leave it up to you to decide where these outfits fit in your own lives!

 I love the interesting shape of this LBD! This is workwear for some people but I would need to bring it down to my knees! I'm sure the model is an entire foot taller though!

I need this safari-ish dress/top! Everything about it is so versatile, the cut, the color! It's awesome as a beach cover-up too.

I never knew shiny on shiny could look work-appropriate!
Love the trousers!

So pretty! I love the salmon with the khaki!

I looove this top! Isn't it pretty? I like how structured yet sheer and flowy it is. And of course, the bow!

So clean and simple!

This makes my dress code look great!

This too! I love the vibrant and happy print!

The details on this dress were so interesting. I love the button tab at the bottom!

I am so getting this! Love the color and ruching!

Another nude number to buy!

I need to hoard the flurry of blazers! So great thrown on top of anything! You can take them from corporate to cut-offs!

And finally, my favorite trousers...
Can you stand this crazy print?? I love them! This is the first thing I'm getting! 

Yay SM! I'm not one to spend on office clothes since I'd much rather blow my cash on shoes and non-stuffy pieces so it's a relief to know that I can get great-looking office clothes for less!