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Taco Night

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Yesterday, we took a quick trip to Pioneer Center Supermarket to buy some ingredients for taco night. I invited 3 girl friends over for dinner and we needed to stock up.
 We love Pioneer because of the random things you can find there, some of which we haven't seen in mall supermarkets. We took the liberty of shooting some of the things that caught our eye...
Hansen's soda

OhYes chocolate cake - What a name!

Marigold tetrapack drinks
I want to try the lemon barley!

Crispy Crunch and yummy 100Grand!

A tempting tub of marshmallow creme... We want to dip KitKat into this!

A twist on instant pasta - Wonder if this is any good.

Canned hotdogs. Barf.

Pretty looking spice and salt jars

Smarties! Love this!

Absolute favorite candy in the world! Berry NERDS on a gummy rope.
I need to hoard this!

Organic candies

Uncle George choco mallow sandwiches- P25 only!

Guinness, Kirin, etc.

Lotte drinks

Paul Smith for Evian at P170+

 Halloween costumes, anyone? Batman, geeky man or

 a pirate?

We love the name! 

We love free parking! P schlepping it back to the car.

 All set for taco night!

Our taco set-up

 Post pig-out with Meggie, Maina, and Donna

Thanks for coming guys! We miss you, Tala!
D: Thanks for helping me set up and for putting up with our gabfest, P!

This weekend, we joined the Ultimate Taste Test at NBC Tent but didn't get to take any good pictures! Next week, we're heading out to a different part of town for a different adventure.
Tune in!


Rosanna said...

there! that's the marshmallow creme i was talking about...

i think you should scan something and post it!

Lee said...

Canned hotdogs? Haha! The marshmallow creme looks yummy. Where is Pioneer Center Supermarket located? :)

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Sans: Yeah, I remembered you! We need to buy it talaga one of these days. And yes, I will haha! Just haven't found the time!

Lee: It really does look so tempting, doesn't it? Pioneer is in Barangay Kapitolyo, near Shaw blvd. :)