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Nasi Lemak

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 Bottomless red tea
D: The menu says this is imported from Italy or whatever but it was just okay for me. Nothing special. I usually order the tea tarek which I became obsessed with in Malaysia! I think I'll stick with that next time.
Tea Tarek
P: This is the Malaysian milk tea. It's really refreshing and a good foil to the strong flavors featured in the cuisine here.

 Honey glazed spareribs
D: Just looking at the picture is making me crave for this again! My favorite kind of viand are those of the salty-sweet nature. I always ask for extra extra extra sauce and heap it over every bite. The meat is so tender and flakes off the bone. You have to try this!
P: The simple presentation belies the fantastic flavor of this dish. I'm still craving for the soft bits of meat clinging to the bones and fatty parts. It's so good! This one's good for sharing.

 Garlic Rice
D: If you decide to get the honey spareribs, you must eat it with this rice. The sweet honey flavor is perfect with the garlic. Huge plus: not that many clumps in this serving! Yesss!
P: As far as garlic rice goes, this one is just about as good as the rest. However, the combination of the salty, garlic taste of this with the spareribs is excellent.

 Char Kway Teow
D: P requested the server to make this dish "mild" but when it came, daaang! I couldn't even take one noodle. Even he said, it was waaay too spicy and he eats virtually anything. Since when does mild mean flaming hot?! Anyway, we sent it back and they kindly remedied the situation. It was very tasty the second time around! Just had to weed out the toge...
P: I think they went slightly overboard when we asked them to take out the spice since it came back a bit lacking in flavor. We've had it before though and this one is a must-try, if only for the smell alone. It's funny though that the shrimp they put is really counted out. Just two for every serving, presented on top pa.

Nasi Lemak
Robinsons Galleria, 1F (beside Krispy Kreme)

After dinner, we joined our friends at Ponti for Cheers Wednesday! 
A few photos from the night...


Topman club collar button down and belt, Zara slacks and shoes

P: I love the fit of this shirt, not to mention the club collar. I like wearing it all buttoned up to show the collar. The only thing I don't like is that the fabric scrunches up really easily, as shown in the first photo. Don't let work stop you from being a bit dandy. :D

This jacket is impossible to put on when you're wearing rings. The sleeves are made of unlined lace and the rings end up getting stuck! I almost ripped a seam out of frustration as I have zero patience for things like this.
  purple Danskin leotard, random cut-offs, Topshop dotty tights (50% off!), F21 heels, Cote d' Azur lace jacket
 Rabbit's foot from Mongolia, belt passed on from mom, hodgepodge of rings

Stubby two-tone heels are fun!

Got a few posts lined up, so stay tuned!


Rosanna said...

this looks good! i wanna try it!

bestie said...

Gah, food porn!!! @.@

You both look so uber stylish! So do your friends. Looks like a super fun night! :D

Breshna & Rona said...

looks like a lot of fun! love your shoes x

M-M said...

Cute leotard. You look sexy!