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I don't get to go out and party at night as much as I used to so it's such a pleasure when I can hike up the hemlines on my skirts, dresses, and shorts, when I can lose the sleeves, and when I can throw on a truckload of accessories.

This segment is called Play. It's for a night on the town, dinner with the girls, someone's party, or any time you want to take it up a notch. Count on SM to take care of all your fashion needs!

Fantastic skirt detail! Love the plum shade too!

This top would be adorable with ratty denim bottoms and a sharp hat.

Cute poofy gold skirt with peek-a-boo tulle!

Some slick black dresses for a polished look. (Are you noticing the shoes already??)

Love the color palette on these "inspired by-" dresses! I really like the gray stripe that intersects by the V of the neckline. So flattering!

More things that need to go into my closet - stat. I can't decide if this scalloped skirt looks better in nude or black! Thoughts?

These leggings are so cool! And check out the fringed top, don't they look like eyelashes? Is it just me?

Great back detail! You could take this to the beach as a cover-up as well.

I know I keep saying that I need this and that but I seriously need this. The print looks like my bedsheets! I think that's reason enough.

And this too. No really! I love the hot pink accent at the hem! These two tops were included in the beach portion of the show (hence the lack of pants) but these are too pretty to just be worn at the beach!

Another fantastic billowy top! I love how it poofs at the back when worn.

A lovely slouchy tank in a vibrant shade. This can go with a million and one things.

 I like the overall look of this model, the blazer, the hot pink hat, the white shorts and even the big hair! 

More of a day look but I love the color of the trousers.

I am getting this adorable skirt at the soonest time possible. So good!

Love the drama on this top!

The different textures on this dress make for such a fun piece. How easy would it be to throw this on and run out the door?
Both subtle and loud detailing brings visual interest to a basic. I love how the circles moved on the third dress.

And how's this for my personal finale? Dang these are awesome. I can't believe they're from good, old SM! These trousers are made of love and I must have them! I wonder what particular house brand they are from.. Will look into it.

I predict that a trip to the neighborhood SM is definitely in my nearby future!