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Last night's dinner destination was the relatively new restaurant, Lu.
After braving the sudden start of the May showers, we headed over to Rockwell.
We had the foresight to call for reservations but since we arrived later than the usual d
inner hour (9:30 pm), we didn't have much trouble getting seats.

They have a small al fresco area, indoor seating on the first floor, and a smaller loft area on the second. Our server was kind enough to ask if we had any follow-up orders because last call was at 10.

Appetizers and salads

Soups and sandwiches

Meat and desserts

Pastas and seafood

Non-alcoholic beverages

Wine list

Cocktails, etc.

House blend iced tea - P95
D: Not bad as far as iced teas go. I like how it's a hefty glass that won't run out in the middle of your meal.
P: Light and sweet and not sour at all.

Truffled Mac n' Cheese - with five lovely cheeses! - P 450
D: This is worth going back to Lu for! The truffle oil is subtle and is perfect with the cheese. A great twist on a classic.
P: The cheeses worked well together and the truffle wasn't overpowering. I really liked the salty crust on top

LU's ultimate porkchop (15 oz.) with orange-achuete sauce, mashed sweet potatoes, and onions - P595
D: This was just okay for me, a little too thick for my liking. Also, I didn't really taste the orange flavor, nothing great really. I did enjoy the mashed sweet potatoes though! I think I'd like to try the lamb shank with minted yogurt next time.

P: I think this was a good partner for the pasta. I liked the soft and juicy meat with the sharp onions. It was cooked very well but it just isn't anything special. No major complaints though.

After trying just two dishes, it might be a bit hasty to give an overall assessment of the place. We agreed that we'd like to return for the intriguing sandwich selection. The menu is well-written but I would've liked more choices of entrees. Slightly pricey but it's not highway robbery.


P: Gingham button-down from BKK, Zara jeans (a steal at 1950!) and loafers, Topman belt from D

The shirt is a super cheap find from a BKK market! I really like the flap pockets and epaulettes, which lend to the illusion of broader shoulders if you've been slacking off at the gym like I have.

D: Gray oversized sweatshirt, skirt made by my favorite seamstress, wedges from HK, coral necklace from my lola

I found this nautical-themed cloth from Kamuning for P80 a yard, I think. The neighborhood seamstress whipped up a jaunty little skirt for me!

P and D, signing out!


Rosanna said...

You should have tried the meat empanadas and the hang steak! Oh and the PB&J tart is supposed to be good.

t said...

You're wearing such a cute outfit!