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Yesterday, we went to Ponti to watch our friend, Bianca's debut as a DJ!
DJ WannaB, you did great!

Congratulations and remember us when you're all famous and raking in the dough!

D: I have the most awesome friends!

P is wearing this white button-down from Topman. Notice the multicolored buttons! Lalalalove quirky details! No proper outfit shot of him because he was rushing from work. Next time...

D: Ruffled coral dress, Culte Femme belt, white platforms, Looking for Lola earrings

Belt: This Culte Femme has been getting a lot of mileage. I am so into the idea of slapping it over everything I wear. It reminds me of my brother's wrestling belts!

Dress: Coral is my color of the moment. It's such a happy medium between pink and orange and I plan to abuse it before I turn pasty white again. This dress is a lucky find and I am dying to hoard it in all colors tomorrow!

Let's hit the malls, it's Friday!


Rosanna said...

let's hit the mall, its the big megamall sale!

Eden said...

lovin her headset, and that belt is gorge! glad to have discovered your blog:)

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The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Eden: Thanks for the kind words! Will definitely check out your blog! :)

Rosanna: LET'S!