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The Demon Dog Encounter

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So we were quietly chilling on our beach mat in a well-lit area of the Boracay shore. We were right by two of those intricately carved sand castles and the foot traffic was quite heavy. It was around one in the morning and we were taking a breather on the shore.

We noticed this black mutt in the vicinity start coming closer and closer. P started shoo
ing him away but the dog ignored us completely and positioned himself right behind our mat so we gathered all our stuff and moved a few feet away.

After being settled in for around 10 minutes. P suddenly yelled "Oh @#%#%#$" and yanked me off the mat! The devil dog was bounding straight towards us. My primary concern wa
s the brand new camera so I yelled at P to get it while I yanked out the beach mat from under the dog. Luckily, the dog seemed to be more interested in the beach mat. I thought he was going to go for my coconut cocktail but I guess not.

While I was hastily trying to
roll it up, devil dog bared his teeth and snapped at the mat! Yeah, okay, that was when I decided to let go. P had my camera and bag and that's all that mattered. The mat was just P145 anyway.

Devil dog proceeded to rip the mat into shreds and pull the banig apart. I'll let the photos tell the story...

Our poor, ravaged matSome drunken fellows passed by and tried to light him on fire so he eventually left the mat alone. Unfortunately, it was beyond repair.

The theory is that the mat smelled a bit like tea/vegetables=food?

I swear, top five bizarre encounters in our lives.