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Dinner at the Palace

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After watching Shutter Island (P: two thumbs up!) at Greenbelt yesterday, we decided to head over to People's Palace for dinner. We went here for Valentine's Day last year and P had a hankering for something "fresh" = pomelo salad.

We were supposed to stick with water to save room for dessert but I couldn't resist their Thai iced tea. I'm such a sucker for any sort of milk+tea beverage. Glad we ordered it though because the food we got was pretty spicy.

Pomelo salad with prawn, crab meat, coconut, etc. etc.

D: I really, really enjoyed this. One of the best salads in my book. All the different flavors jive so well with each other. It was a really fresh, summer salad. Definitely a must-have when dining here.

P: Agreed. I never fail to order this when dining at People's Palace. The pomelo chunks are always juicy. It's a light and fresh starter to lead you to the main courses. They served up this salad better than most Thai places in the city.

Aromatic chicken curry with sweet potato and pineapple relish

D: This one had a tad too much heat for my taste. I really cannot tolerate the slightest hint of spiciness. They didn't mark it as being spicy in their menu so we didn't bother to ask them to make it mild. It was still very good though! The pineapple relish was a nice touch!

P: Yeah, make sure to order a milder version if you're not into spicy food. The curry was good, no question, but it was nothing amazing. However, I do recommend the lamb curry, which we ordered previously. That was fantastic!

Khao pad (egg fried rice with prawn)

D: This was yummy with the fish sauce! The prawn pieces were also pretty substantial. One thing, I'm extremely picky with my rice and this had a lot of clumpy, hard bits which I hate. Had to pick out a lot of them.

P: We were thinking of getting the regular pork fried rice (their bagoong rice, another good dish) but we chose this lighter tasting one to temper the strong flavor of the curry. It reminded me of eating in Chiang Mai in Thailand. It should go with most things on their menu; a solid choice. You can also order this with scallops or chicken, instead of prawn.

Upon the recommendation of Rosanna and to combat the oppressive heat, we went to Gelatissimo in Greenbelt 5 for dessert.

They were closing up when we got there, but the very friendly and accommodating staff allowed us to place our orders. Of course this was after we sampled an embarrassing number of flavors!

D: Next time, I'm getting the lychee!

D: Forest Berries was pretty good too! Oh and the green tea! I want everything!
P: I want the Rum & Raisin, Caramelized Fig, and all the flavors that D would never touch haha.

D: American chocolate looks sooo good too! I like how the "decorate" the display by putting the main ingredients of each flavor on top of their tubs. Makes everything look extra appetizing!

After an age, we finally settled on....
P: Honey toffee and malt

D:Veronese Chocolate! Wasn't in the mood for anything tangy and Chocolate Truffle was too dark for me.
(Pardon the horribly chipped polish.)

An overall successful dining experience, we think!


P: Chambray hat, pink v-neck, reworked floral shorts, brown leather chukkas (doing a post on these soon!)

D: Mini dress with pocket, denim band jacket from Rockwell bazaar, black buckled wedges from SM, thrifted nautical belt with anchor buckle

Bling: Panther bracelet, studs on mesh cuff, various rings

Any ideas for where we should go next?

To the 3 people reading this blog, we'd love to hear your ideas on where to go next! Haha! :D


Rosanna said...

i love their vanilla ice cream! hahahah! i know its plain and corny but its so good