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Summer Swag

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We thought we'd do a very self-indulgent post on the clothes and accessories we used in Boracay. Both P and I went for light and breezy pieces to beat the oppressive heat.

D: The outfit toppers were just a hodgepodge of old accessories I had lying around the house. I also nicked this tan leather bracelet P left at my place. Finders keepers! I'm extremely prone to losing things so I had to limit my ring stash to 4 which is usually how many I have on at any given time.

P: My quest for the pefect short-brimmed hat ended at Celio Rockwell with a chambray number. I was debating between this and a straw hat from Rustans but I figured this would be more versatile.
D: Mine was an easy score from trusty old SM. I love the nautical stripes and giant bow!

D: All eyewear is vintage from my grandma, except for the pair in the foreground on the left and on P. Those tortoise shell, cat-eye Ray bans are the love of my life. For this summer, at least. I still want the Alex Wang x Linda Farrows though!
Summer reading was from the P100 bin at Natio. I'm a little bit embarrassed by my selection (Au Pairs: Sun-Kissed) but I was going for an easy read anyway.

P: H&M blue button down, reworked thrifted shorts, Suenos espadrilles
D: acid splattered pocket dress, Suenos espadrilles

P: madras Dean and Trent shirt, Landmark GRAY shorts
D: asymmetrical ruffle top, Old Navy polka dots shorts

P: re-cut swim shorts and chambray hat
D: ruffled monokini from Nothing but Water, denim shorts, amber sunglasses from grandma

P: sky blue Topman shirt, Landmark GRAY shorts, Suenos espadrilles
D: garterized floral dress, rubber slippers with floral detail

Sorry for the barrage of posts! I'm a little gung-ho since I'm a bum for the month of April while P is slaving away in the corporate world.


Rosanna said...

My favorite shady couple!!!!!!! <3

Kookie B. said...

i love the wooden necklace and monokini! seems like you had a blast on the beach! :)


The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Sans: Yay, first ever! What an inspiring friend hahaha!

Kookie: Thanks! I added you to our blog roll, if that's okay! :)