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D's Favorite Things: Shoe Edition

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So I'm on a self-imposed shopping ban and to slip out of my funk, I decided to "appreciate my blessings." To keep from buying new stuff, I've been trying to organize my closet and I've unearthed things I completely forgot I had! While I'm trying to replenish my dismal savings, I guess I'm stuck with shopping the closet.

In the meantime, I thought I'd do a post on my favorite things of the moment.
Today, we shall start with shoes! My absolute favorite thing to buy! <3
I plucked my current top 9 from my closet and shot them in the garden.
(arranged in no particular order)

1. Valli knock-offs! I know, these are super old already but I still love 'em.
These are definitely not ideal for walking though.

2. I've only worn these once but they're actually pretty comfortable.
White patent is so easy for summer!
Plus the round wooden stump heel is a fun detail.

3. Tan lace-up fold-over heel
Really comfortable and easy to walk in!
I love wearing these for schlepping around during the day.

4. Nautical wedges
I'm a big fan of all things nautical and these shoes are really easy to pair with stuff.
I like 'em with ratty cut-offs, a crisp white button down, leather braided belt, and a ton of tacky, gold bling.

5. Fringe loafers
I call these my "teacher shoes." These are definitely the anti-thesis of the fierce shoe trend.
I've only worn them around three times because the leather on the vamp really digs into your foot.
Maybe there's a way I can get the leather stretched?

6. Leopard print ankle boots
Okay, these are a little fierce.
Super uncomfortable to walk in but too pretty to pass up.

7. Hot pink pump with stacked wooden heel
I love the canvas upper and how it's tacked down with gold pins!

8. Lace and suede ankle boots
A Christmas gift from P.
I love the wedge on this one!

9. Black satin platforms
Goes with anything and everything.

Tune in for the ring edition and for P's version!
I'll bug him about it!


Kookie B. said...

This post just made me salivate! I love Thai food and I didn't know People's Palace serve Thai cuisine. Will def try it out soon!

Love the collection of shoes. My favorite is the nautical wedges! So fresh and unique!

Do send me some love over at deathbyplatforms.blogspot.com

inkarlcerating said...

shockssssssssss.. my fave is the lace wedge! san nabili??

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Inkarlcerating: Thanks! From: Http://monicafig.multiply.com/ It's called French Bulldog! :)