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Good Old Mommy's

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Pardon the cheese, but yesterday, May 8 was our somethingsomething month together which we don't really celebrate. How ironic that we ended up eating at the least swanky place you could imagine! Didn't matter though because Mommy's has the best comfort food ever.
P: Mother's Day was the next day too. Sorry, someone had to mention it. Haha.

Simple menu on laminated bond paper

Their brazo de mercedes on the far left is one of the best I've ever tasted. And at P155 for an entire roll, what a steal!

D: As expected, their iced tea isn't anything special. Just regular iced tea you get at home.
P: A bit bland for my taste, but refreshing nonetheless.

Clear broth that comes free with every meal
D: Oh this is the epitome of comfort food! So flavorful and warm and just perfect.
P: I love this soup! It's hearty and packed with garlic flavor.

Okoy P35
D: This was P's order. I don't really eat this because it has toge.
P: Easily the best one I've tried. Big too.

Tapsilog with atchara P88
D: The ABSOLUTE BEST tapa in the world! I love putting the egg on top of the rice and mashing them together. The star of course is the tapa. The meat is so awesome and I love drowning it in vinegar for the perfect bite! This place is worth coming back to if only for their tapa.

P: This tapa easily beats all the commercial places like Tapa King. The meat is dry on the outside but juicy inside. It's a wonderful blend of sweet, salty and awesome. We've been here a handful of times and I never get sick of getting this. In fact, I tried ordering something else before which was objectively good but disappointing because it wasn't the tapa. You'll definitely get a hankering for this once in a while after you've tried it for the first time.

Pork sisig with chicharon and egg P99
D: We totally forgot to shoot this before digging in.

P: Obviously we were famished at the time so this got decimated before we got a chance to shoot. Bit of a shame because it looked so good served with the egg and a generous helping of chicharon bits. Not as meaty as I'd usually like but it's still a solid addition to any meal here. They also have a chicken variant if you're worried about your cholesterol.

Our total bill came up to P370!
Sounds cliche but you can't beat the great food at even better prices. We like eating at nice restaurants with all the bells and whistles but sometimes it can also be just as satisfying to go to these simple and unassuming places. We're sure there are a ton of other neighborhood institutions you love as much. Let us know so we can check them out too!

Congressional Avenue, Quezon City (across Circle C and Cherry)

FASHIONFolded and Hung light brown v-neck, Topman jeans, braided belt (from Shoppesville, of all places), boat shoes from Cubao Expo

P: I like the shirt's pocket and versatile color. I prefer the plain, light fabrics to combat the summer heat. On a lighter note, I don't know what to do with my hands when I pose for these things. Not exactly sure what I'm doing in this one. Haha!
D: I really like the semi-v-neck. It's not a sharp point and it's not too deep like the Topman ones. I think I'd like to nick this shirt...

Thrifted ruffled top, DIY-ed cutoffs, Topshop boots,

I love Mister Elephant! I like that he's substantial and heavy. Just P150 at the Eastwood night market. Yay!

See you next week!


Lee said...

I have the same necklace in copper! :)

Nice blog! I've started following you guys ^__^

Lovelots, Lee

inkarlcerating said...

i love ze boots!!!!! omg
sang topshop meron?

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Lee: Isn't he adorable? Thank you! We'll definitely check out your blog too!

Karl: Thanks! Got them at Topshop in Greenbelt :)

hanna said...

dank, your blog will make me fat just by looking at all the food picties. CUTE TOP!! I love love loveeee it. miss you, beautiful.