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I spent June 4 to 7 visiting P in Hong Kong hence the lack of uploads! He's still there but we'll do a HK post when he gets back this weekend. As for me, been busy with preparations for the first day of classes! Finally got to meet my kids today and boy, what a load of cuteness all over the place!

 Aside from work, here are some of the things keeping me happy/occupied while P is finishing up his HK stint:
 My happy Buddha, a lighthouse-shaped bottle of cologne, bright yellow walls, and vintage photos of my gorgeous grandparents. Oh and a pair of round, tortoise sunnies from H&M.

A newly acquired copy of Classy by Derek Blasberg and two of my current favorite bottles of nail polish (taupe and midnight blue. They were both purchased in Bonjour HK and end up with a lovely matte finish.

Trendy shoe fixes for rightfully low prices! Don't really feel like shelling out more than 5k for clogs that I will tire of eventually. This pair is for messing around with since the 'net images are inspiring me to no end.

A hodgepodge (clockwise, from bottom left)
The smell of cinnamon buns while bathing, coral feather earrings, Hi-Chew in peach and strawberry, Kinder Bueno (should have sprung for the egg versions, you never really outgrow them), Figle Migle Poziomki in wild strawberry (gumdrops covered in spherical sprinkles), Sours Unbearables from The Natural Confectionary, and an H&M elastic headband with pretty flowers.  
This is my well-stocked artillery for sad attacks. All guaranteed pick-me-ups!

On a side note, a few weeks ago, we were featured in the Inquirer for a story on our favorite espadrille brand, Suenos!
Click here for the full article! Thanks to our friend, Rosanna for the write-up!

Enjoy the rest of your week, folks!


Kookie B. said...

hey dear, where did you get the clogs? :) i bought another top from LFL by the way. it's the knit one. i'll post it soon on my blog.


The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

The clogs are from Hong Kong. :)
Thanks for supporting LFL!