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Hong Kong Walkathon: Part II

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D: My brother and I wanted to go back to the resto where we had breakfast everyday last time we were here, Uncle 4 beside BP International!
What a strange name. The servers spoke very, very little English so we had to rely on a ton of hand gestures and the ever-useful English menu.

Delicious milk tea is all we drank. Heaven.
Mini steak with eggs
D: I didn't realize my order came with white rice. :S I had to scrape the rice off the meat. Other than that, it was pretty good though. A solid brunch, for sure.
Steak with pepper sauce
D: This was Vito's order. We both liked the sauce but P thought it was a little strong.
Baked eel with melted cheese on rice
P: I tried another variety of these baked rice dishes, this time with the intriguing eel option. Just like the unagi you get in Japanese restaurants but with a creamy, cheesy sauce.

With bursting bellies, we took the MTR to look for more shopping sites to raid.

Another H&M branch in Tsim Sha Tsui (along Canton Road)
D: The boys and I went our separate ways and I gave them the camera to snap some shots of things that caught their eye.

Dress up or down with this workman-like shirt.

Mix and match 1: colored and/or patterned blazers

Probably the only denim shorts I would wear. These are soft and flimsier than the regular cloth used in jeans.

D loves these Briton stripes. I got a similar shirt from the I.T. outlet.

Mix and match 2: gingham and stripes.

The wonderful wall of cheapie accessories
I felt like a kid in a candy store.


Cute jacket!

A kicky little dress
Oh and of course, shoes! Heaven heaven heaven!

Armed with a few giant bags, we left to conquer new ground.
But first, let's eat! Man, shopping makes us hungry.

More tea-based beverages, this time from Food Republic
D: At this point, our food picks are getting kind of boring. Vito and I got Hainanese chicken rice sets again. This one was better than the one he had on the first day though. The bok choy wasn't bad either.

"Tenderous Beef Ribs" from Ajisen Ramen, my favorite ramen chain
P: The beef was soft from the meat to the cartilage and the soup was hearty and savory. It's one of those dishes I really get my face into.

After doing the rounds in some other malls, we decided to call it a night with a visit to the harbor.
Our amateur snapshot of a lovely scene
D: This was probably the most tourist-y thing we did on this trip. It was really pretty at night but I'm glad we decided not to go back to the usual sites anymore (save for shopping of course).
P: The lights, atmosphere, and cool breeze make for a nice, relaxing, if touristy spot.

When we were about to leave, we ran into one of those ice cream trucks. Good thing because the orange freeze we got was surprisingly good! It was more of a sorbet than an ice cream and it had a light and refreshing taste! Just for HK$6!

Vito and I in front of a luxury-store complex.

Day 3 and 4 to follow!