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Hong Kong Walkathon: Part I

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D and her brother came over for a long weekend visit during my 3-week training trip. Given the small amount of time, we decided to cover as much ground as possible in 3 full days. In a whirlwind tour, we hit the Citygate Outlets in Tung Chung, the Mongkok night market (tourist trap!), malls in Central, Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui, the harbour, and of course, the 4-storey H&M flagship (not to mention all the other branches).

D: My shopping highlight and probably the boys' greatest nightmare was a trip to the HK Industrial Centre! You can't really take pictures here but suffice it to say that a lot of the trendy boutiques (including a very famous Multiply shoe shop) might source from here. At absolute rock-bottom prices, you get really good quality, trendy clothes and shoes! You won't bump into any tourists here but that's half the fun! They specialize in wholesale but are willing to sell retail at higher prices. Still cheap though!
But we're getting ahead of ourselves!


My brother and I rolled out of bed at 2:45 am to catch a 5:40 flight. Ugh. Thank goodness NAIA 3 is comfortable and passenger-friendly (for the most part).
Topshop jacket, Dorothy Perkins shirt, Ramp cut-offs, Zara ankle boots

My not-so-little brother, Vito and our luggage
The Airport Express was much better than renting a private car like we did last time. The train seats are so plush and the shuttle took us right to Eaton Hotel. 

Our first meal took us across the street to Tsui Wah restaurant just off Nathan Road.
Vito's Hainanese chicken rice set

P and I shared an enormous serving of Baked Porkchop Rice in tomato sauce with melted cheese
P: This is apparently one of the trendy dishes that can be seen in a wide variety of restaurants. We saw it in both low-end and high-end joints. I really like the sauce and the creamy cheese. Great comfort food!

Matcha ice cream and red bean frozen dessert
D: I loved this! The ice cream really tasted like authentic matcha and it complemented the red bean very well.

In between lunch and dinner, we ransacked the H&M flagship in Central and visited random shops in the area. Fast forward to our meal...

Off we went to Jordan Curry House for some authentic Indian food.
A hole in the wall
Iced lemon tea
P: No matter how far I am from home, iced tea pa rin.

Complimentary appetizer of "Indian chips" with mint dip
D: Super oily! This was just okay. Not a fan.
P: It's free, no complaints!
We had a trio of curries in mutton, chicken, and brisket.
D: Same sauce, different animals, all very very good.
P: I went here at least three times during my trip. The curry is so flavorful, you can tell that a lot of good quality spices went into it. Beware of ordering "spicy" though.

Chicken tikka masala
P: Juicy chunks of roasted meat goes well with the curry sauce from our other orders.
D: This is not the tikka masala I know from New Bombay. This one is much drier. It was also just okay for me.

Cheese naan (white cheese)
D: Soo good! I like the quiet flavors of the naan with the complex tastes of our viands. Nice for calming your taste buds down.

Day 2 coming up! :)


Sharina said...

I love your outfit! And can I just say that I love all the food porn you've posted! White cheese looks yum! I also like the trio curries plus the matcha! Hahaha!

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Thanks! So happy you enjoy our food posts! More coming soon. :)