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Hong Kong Walkathon: Part III

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DAYS 3 and 4

This last shopping day was reserved for a trip to far-off Tung Chung's Citygate outlets and the small boutiques in Causeway Bay. Since these didn't yield as much shopping activity as expected, we also took a quick, unplanned trip to the Mongkok markets. Even if it's brimming with touristy crap, there are a few good finds here and there like this vintage shop we found.

Being leggy en route to Causeway Bay.

P: Found a Breton v-neck in the I.T. outlet. Mum also asked me to buy a camera for her in Fortress and it turned out to be around 10k less than Manila prices. There are a lot of brands here like Mango, Esprit, Armani, DVF, Clarks, etc. etc. It's a pretty boyfriend-friendly place. Prices aren't bad too.

Vito with some Uniqlo goodies


For our last night in HK together, we decided to eat in Cheers Restaurant, which is apparently a popular chain resto. The language barrier posed a bigger problem than usual since the fried rice took an age to come after all the other dishes and they were asking us to pay for a dish they weren't able to serve on time. Of course the only relevant Cantonese I knew for this occasion was 'mm koi' (thank you/call the waiter) and 'chao fan'. Everything else I can say, could get me stabbed in the streets.
Problems aside, the food was fantastic!
Roast goose. 
This was fatty but very delectable. An excellent alternative to duck and chicken.

Sweet and sour pork. It's a little different from what we're used to here. The chunks are crispier, the sauce was a little more savory. The usual pineapples were replaced by deliciously juicy chunks of peaches! I really appreciated the flavor it brought the dish.

No picture of the salted fish and shrimp fried rice because it was decimated as soon as it was served. Really good food all around. Also recommend the chicken feet in abalone sauce.
We were searching for a long time for a milk tea shop in Mongkok to satisfy our craving. We found what looked to be a very popular little joint. We had to line up for a bit for our turn. D got the black milk tea and I got the caramel version. It's funny to note that it was situated right beside another milk tea place which had no customers and a depressed shopkeeper.


The flight was at 10:40 so I was able to bring D and Vito to the Airport Express station before work. And that wraps up our HK adventure! Had an awesome long weekend!


hanna said...

NAaaaW Dans!!!! This is so cute, looks like you had so much fun :*