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This weekend, we were craving for some crab and Crustasia was the most convenient option in the Rockwell area. We were actually planning to eat in the now-famous Som's Noodle House but since we we had to catch Toy Story 3 (great movie, btw!), we settled on just trying something "new" in the mall.

The place was actually pretty full save for that one table beside us which got snapped up as soon as we finished our meal. Come early also since the crab takes a while to cook.

Twinings fruit tea shakes
D: I got the strawberry mango. It was quite tasty and refreshing but it felt like they just dumped crushed ice over the tea and called it a day. The bottom part was quite bland.
P: Peach and passion fruit for me. I really enjoyed this one even though ordering something with the words passion and fruit isn't the manliest thing haha. 

Crab Maritess
D: Check out this beauty! It had a ton of garlic piled on it with a light, buttery sauce beneath it. I hate messing with shells so P had to help me crack it open. The white meat was so yummy and went well with the garlic. I also requested for a honey glaze-type sauce that went with their appetizer just because I like the salty-sweet combo.
P: Oh my my my, what a feast! More than enough for two and brimming with yummy, soft crab meat and sinful, decadent crab fat. The garlic and chili were appropriately strong flavors for the delicate crab. This was easier to pick through than the smaller ones I'm used to at home. There's also something to be said about enjoying a meal a little more when you get your hands dirty. Definitely worth it.

Chicken and dried fish rice
D: This was actually pretty good after you mix it up. The dried fish was a tad too salty for my taste but overall, it was pretty tasty with the crab.
P: Kind of like a meal in itself. The fish held it together while the Chinese sausage felt a bit superfluous. Might have done better if they replaced those with a non-meat topping.

Wrestling with the crab

After dinner, we decided to head over to Tiendesitas to check out the puppy merchandise for little Lulu! Haven't been there in an age so we were excited to stare at furry little friends behind glass windows.

But first!
We couldn't resist some old-school-straight-from-the-school-cafeteria cheese corn in a cup. Binatog is good too but I wanted that artificial cheese powder mixed with melted butter. Yum!
Our shady cup of corn for only P25!

Here are some snapshots of the creatures that caught our eye in the pet village!

Sugar glider
He was going nuts since they're nocturnal and it was well into the night. I couldn't take a decent shot but his body span is AMAZING!
D: I considered getting one of these (heard you could tuck ém in your pocket! Cute!) but after hearing that they pee everywhere... no thanks.

A ridiculously big spider

Check out those peepers! Doesn't he look insanely human-like?

This little guy was just chilling out and wagging his tail at us. Can anyone ID the breed?

We love Chows! Cutest breed ever!

He was sleeping on a pile of kibble!

This baby looked so sad! In fact, we noticed that almost all the Chows looked positively bummed out. Poor things!

Haha! This one was so chill and so cute with his underbite!

Another lonely looking Chow.
The friendliest of the lot! He was just hamming it up for the camera! He had the best smile.

This picture just breaks your heart. Look how miserable they look. I wish I could take them both home!

On the other hand, this little guy looked so relaxed without a care in the world! So much character in this one.

Can't see his eyes!

This is the only Chow that looked relatively chipper. He posed and held it for us as we were taking his picture. Check out the other one below!

P: I really want one of these bear-type Chows. Cute little fur balls!

I love the foot in the face! These were the most affectionate of the bunch. Every time one would move, the entire pack would shift to make sure everyone was touching and leaning on someone else. So adorable!


Breton v-neck from I.T., Uniqlo lavender (?) socks, Zara sneakers, all Topman in between
I really like the fit of this shirt, right at the bicep and the hips. The bright blue stripes make me think of sailing in Greece haha. I love the sock wall in Uniqlo! Made me think of so many interesting combos. Finally, I think the capped toes of these under-used shoes make the pair stand out from the rest of its ilk.

Topshop muscle tee, DIY-ed cut-offs
A casual schlepping outfit
My favorite vintage lace jacket
I love the substantial weight of this piece and the kicky little fringe at the bottom.

metal cap-toe ballet flats from HK

Mom's high school class ring, HM stud ring, SM panther ring

'Til next time, everyone! Stay safe and dry and thank goodness it's a holiday on Wednesday.


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