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F21 Private Opening

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I was lucky enough to be on the Forever21 ribbon-cutting guest list last Thursday (Thanks Rosanna!). 
After an exhausting day at work, I had to muster up all the energy in me to move with the tidal wave of people at the event. Luckily, it didn't get too crazy or competitive. Save for the long lines at the fitting rooms and cashier, I had an awesome time!

The cocktails and receiving area

My friends, Rosanna and Monique
We all went our separate ways as soon as the ribbon was cut and I didn't get to see them anymore after that!

Prepping for the ribbon-cutting

F21 founder and some models

Mr. Henry Sy who was swiftly whisked away when the ribbon was cut, probably to protect him from getting trampled on. :)

Just a small section of the store

I love the basics section! Super cheap and less obvious if you run into someone wearing the exact same thing.

Even the interiors of the fitting rooms are pretty! The space is really well-designed. Every nook and cranny has something to offer.

P's 2 cents: Unfortunately, it took me all of 5 minutes to check out 21 Men. Although a new offering is always exciting and a welcome addition, I feel I have to speak up for the men. Given the scale of the operation, the size of 21Men isn't big enough to keep the boys interested while waiting for the women we're with to finish perusing the massive store! By the time I finished checking it out, she was still like, ten percent in. I did get a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses for dirt cheap. The Breton and basic shirts offer some promise as well!

My battle gear and the spoils of war
I love that they gave P100 gift cards for every thousand spent! More shopping!

I love my new Zara satchel! I like the grit of the leather and I'm not afraid to bang it around because it seems like it will age well. The construction and material make it heavy and unsuitable for carrying around for long periods of time (i.e. F21 ribbon-cutting, 4 hours of madness).

Sassy waistcoat from HK
I look half-military man and half-quarterback.

Hours of shopping made us ravenous and craving for some comfort food. What better place for that in Megamall than Almon Marina. We love its wide selection of well-made sandwiches and meals, not to mention the reasonable prices.

Chicken curry salad
We've been ordering this salad since we started eating here together. 
P: It's not as Indian as you'd think and is actually quite fresh. I like salads with tart and tasty raisins because they lend a nice sharpness.
D: I kept forgetting to tell them to hold the raisins and the unknown crunchy green veggies. Great dressing!

Open-face US roast turkey with cranberry jelly and a side of mashed potatoes and veggies
D: The mashed potatoes were exceptionally good. The gravy went well with the turkey but surprisingly, the cranberry jelly wasn't up to my expectations. Veggies remained untouched until P claimed them.

Porkchop stuffed with apples and cheese
This was a fantastic find for us. It's been the fourth time I've had this and it never disappoints. The stuffing oozes out and goes perfectly with the gravy and grilled pork. Really homey comfort food. Incredibly cheap at around P140 too.

All in all an exhausting but successful trip! Can't wait to go back when the lines are less intense!


Kookie B. said...

oooh, lucky you for getting invited to the private opening. do post photos of your F21 loot!