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Just wanted to share a quick find that I stumbled upon at the bazaar in Eastwood.
While perusing the stalls, we spotted a giant sign that said "EVERYTHING P10." It was an entire booth hawking all sorts of costume jewelry. I had to dig through two massive bins to find these pieces. For six packs or seventeen pairs, I spent a grand total of P60!

Love the cross pair!

A pachyderm for your ears
P and I also rediscovered some old favorites at Regina's in Greenhills. This store used to be my obsession when I was a kid! I loved hoarding all their stickers, stationary, and trinkets!

Skittles Crazy Cores
Never seen this before! They're regular skittles with tangy/fruity goodness inside.

Kitty Boy fake ice-cream! I used to love squeezing it out of the tube!

Have you tried this? Best gum ever.

Cow Label dried beef (neither of us have tried this but it looks cool)
Doo-doo!! Super old school. I remember buying this for recess at the old canteen of my alma mater!

After all these years, I still get a kick out of going back to Regina's. It's like an awesome sari-sari store with a lot more knick knacks and goodies.We walked away with some notepads, a few pieces of Butter Ball and Toffee.


Celio chambray fedora, F21 Men sunglasses, David and Goliath tee, Topman "carrot" pants, HM espadrilles

I hate that during the rainy season, you have to wait for the sun to come out to to wear your sunglasses. On the other hand though, cool weather's good because I'm more inclined to wear pants now instead of shorts all the time. Snagged these from the Topshop sale a few weeks back; an interesting shape that I haven't tried before. It's slightly baggy and drop-crotch before tapering down to a skinny leg. My shirt's from David and Goliath, makers of really comfortable, soft, slightly stretchy, and great-fitting tees. They're a little too hung up on the statement t-shirt fad sometimes though.
Esprit top, SM pleated shorts, vintage belt, white oxfords, Looking for Lola cuff, earrings from Eastwood

I love these royal blue shorts because of the paper bag detail and the pleats. Think I got them for less than P500... Went all Wonderwoman-ish with the color scheme and the giant gold cuff.

Hope everyone's having an interesting week! Can't wait until Friday!


Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

I admire the 2 of you for delving into fashion together. You're one of the most stylish couples I've ever seen!=) And I know that store too! Bought a lot from there too!!! But unfortunately some of the earrings broke easily. =C awesome finds though!:)


Joanna Ladrido said...

OMG REGINA'S FOR THE WIN! Makes me nostalgic for the trinket stores for yesteryears! Like Tickles! Haha Love the red white and blue outfit btw!


Lloyda said...

wow! those earrings are such a steal!

ooooh cow label! i love those. i can eat an entire box in one sitting. hahaha. there's another one with shredded beef instead of the hard dried beef. it's called twin cow. it's a little spicier than cow label. hahaha. yummy! now i'm craving for them. though i'm not sure if i'm allowed to eat these type of food though.

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

all those for P60? those earrings are sooo cute! always love a good buy...

love the cuffs...and the red over the paperbag shorts...

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Dane said...

I love your food photos in your past posts, but now Im starving! Oh and where did you find all that amazing candy?! Love your blog.


Kookie B. said...

oh my goodness! the earrings are great, fuckin' finds!!! woot!!! and P60 for everything??? man, now that's dirt cheap! and ooh, i love the top!!! can't believe the shorts are from SM.


SAMM said...

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cpsanti said...

wow, those earring were truly good finds! and the photos of the sweets made me all nostalgic ;-)

Tabitha said...

Can i just tell you how much i envy you right now for getting those elephant earrings??

And those shorts are so cute! The carrot pants are also amazing! :)