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The Ultimate Gimmick

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Last Friday, it was our good friend, Rosanna's 23rd birthday! Now I love a themed party as much as the next girl but this one was a challenge, to say the least. Well check out these inspiration pics to see why..

These were just some of the pictures listed on the page of the FB event and as you can see, the theme was Filipino stars (90s onwards). These were the shows that were popular when we were growing up and it was a hoot seeing how everyone interpreted the theme!

Armed with a ton of inside jokes and a bit of creativity, here were some of the "artistas" that showed up at Rosanna's star-studded event!
Bernard Palanca


Carlos Agassi

Jolina pre-makeover

Rufa Mae

Mark Herras

G Toengi

Chinese Billy Crawford

Donna Cruz (It's really her name!)

Romnick Sarmenta

D: I wasn't really sure what I was. Jolina's back-up dancer?
Just wore this skort a few posts back but it's as 90's as you can get so I thought I'd break it out.
Paired it with my mom's bright-red Danskin leotard!

P: Tried to channel Philip Salvador/Robin Padilla/90's action star with this stretchy denim button-down but that was as far as it went!

P: Got these loafers for a great bargain at Robinsons Dept. Store. I had been looking for a casual pair with a fringe and this was quite a steal!
D: I unearthed this ear cuff from a box of old costume jewelry! It's straight from the 90's!

Happy birthday, Sans! We had a blast! :)


Kookie B. said...

you guys look so cute!!! fun theme for a party! haha.

Mode Junkie said...

haha! i love that theme. bakit walang marvin? LOL
looked like you guys had a blast! love the boys loafers!

xoxo Mode Junkie

Gela said...

haha, i love the theme!! oh god, i used to secretly love watching G-mik. as in, inaabangan ko talaga dati.

looks like you guys had such a great time!

boat ride through the sky

Zaya said...

Haha cute theme! Looks fun :) New follower, hope you can follow back :D