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Bangkok: Part 1

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Last weekend, we went on a different and prolonged adventure with 11 other friends.  
It was an estrogen-fuelled trip (P being the only boy) with only one goal in mind: to hoard as many cheap finds as we could jam into our luggage.
Despite apprehensions due to all the political turmoil in Bangkok, we forged on for shopping's sake and the promise of rock-bottom prices.


At NAIA 3, in comfy airplane gear
D: Leggings are the best bet for keeping you warm while allowing you to move freely.
P: Loafers are easy to slip off and on for the many security checkpoints.

Almost 3 hours later and a one hour time shift, we arrived at the Suvarnabhumi Airport with all our half empty luggage in tow.


We stayed at The Heritage Bangkok. It was only a hop and a skip away from the Chong Nonsi BTS station, providing easy access to the rest of the city. It had modern interiors and 3 conveniently located computer terminals for the guests. In the lobby was Senses Spa, where we got really good foot massages on our last night. Perfect for market-weary calves and feet!

Our package included a free breakfast which was substandard. 
D: I only liked their homemade yogurt with cereal which was enough to keep me going for the a.m.shopping.
P: Don't expect much save for decent fried rice and noodles. And what good buffet doesn't have bacon??

After getting some shut-eye post red-eye flight, we were ready to conquer Platinum Mall! Armed with rudimentary Thai phrases, eco totes, and our best bargaining game faces, we were off.




We walked through the tragic Central World, which wasn't fully operational just yet. :(


After a few undocumented hours of going nuts at Platinum Mall, this is the snapshot of a very small fraction of our group's haul:

Thank goodness for their P.A. system! It would have been impossible to round up all 13 of us without the kind ladies who struggled with the pronunciation of all our names. 
Monique Regalado was butchered to: Moh-nik Legawahdoh
: D

A portion of our first day haul
Plimsolls for THB250!
Shawl collar cardigan and an assortment of tops with interesting details that caught my attention
Slim khaki chinos which I got extra extra cheap because the store owner asked to take a snapshot of me wearing them! They must have extraordinarily small people in Thailand because this is the only place I'm at least a M or L.
D: Thai slip-ons for my brother and I. My friend and I ended up buying 5 so we got the price down to THB170!
It's great shopping with friends because you can get things at wholesale prices when you combine your purchases. My friends, Alexi, Anjie and I can wear our striped shorts and polos together and do a dance number ala Destiny's Child!

 Shorts and trousers with such cute details

This is Alexi's haul after day 1 of our adventure. More shopping madness to come!


Melai said...

OMG. Now that's a lot of fun :) *getting jealous now* haha. Your barkada may I just say is a bunch of beauties :)

BTW, LOVE your comfy NAIA outfit. Love the fringes on the top, the animal print cover-up, the bowler, everything :) Still stylish :) Buti your bf is very game to accompany you all :) Nice to have a guy at least :)

Melai of Style and Soul

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Thanks, my friends will be kilig haha!
Yeah he was more than game to go shopping at first but eventually started complaining. :D

Thanks for dropping by!

being miss east said...

i have to agree, you have such pretty friends ad i want those slip ons! ^^

arnique said...

I was looking for directions to Platinum Mall when I came across your blog. As I looked through the pictures, I kept thinking, WHY DO SO MANY OF THESE GIRLS LOOK FAMILIAR?

Then it hit me: fellow Povedans! I will take these places as approved and I'm putting them into my sched for my weekend trip to Bangkok. Thanks!

A from A Plus B in the Sea

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Oh cool! What batch are you? :)
Yes, you most definitely need to hit the weekend market and platinum. Our hotel was by the chong nonsi stop and we got off at siam, the station nearest platinum. It's a bit of a walk though so a cab wouldn't hurt if you don't mind some traffic. Flag down rate is at THB30! Hope that helps!

And you have a cute blog! Just started following. :)

- Dani