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Bag Swag

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Last Saturday, we met up with friends in Rockwell to catch the Aranaz private sale.

D: Denizens of women were hoarding bags left and right! Everything was half off and I was extremely happy to snag the macrame bag with fringe that I'd been eyeing.
P: I had to keep out though because I felt like I was a rather large obstacle between the women and their bags.

Aranaz supporters watching the bag mania from the sidelines

Rosanna playing cashier-cashier (Haha!)

Lookie here, it's the fabulous Little Miss H looking gorgeous as always. She's back from Edinburgh
for some R&R. Seriously loving all her baubles!

D: Oh and we met the lovely Nicole of Soule Phenomenon! She was delivering a pair of shoes to Rosanna and she came to check out the sale as well. I love her ankle boots and bombshell hair!

Post-shopping chilling at Starbucks


For lunch, we decided to go to California Pizza Kitchen for some old favorites.

Here are some of their new offerings, except for our old, reliable raspberry iced tea, of course. The steak tacos and apple crumble look good!

Miso Salad
P: This salad tastes so fresh and has a good combination of crunchy and soft bits. I usually go for vinaigrettes but this dressing's an exception.
D: I love the crunchy wanton crisps with the dressing. There's a little too much edamame beans and cucumber though.

 The Original BBQ Chicken with Applewood-smoked Bacon
P: Their classic BBQ chicken pizza is already great with the tangy-sweet sauce, cheese and onions but it just went up a couple of notches of awesome with the applewood-smoked bacon. Added a nice crunchy saltiness.
D: I really like their BBQ sauce and the added bacon was a nice treat. Bacon makes everything better!

P: Had the Boysenberry with the hot fudge. I think it's a good idea to pair the tangy yogurt with something sweet but the fudge may not have been the perfect choice.
D: Raspberry cheesecake with smore bits was a good combination for sure! The smore bits were lovely with the tanginess of the raspberry.


P: I'm so glad I got this pair of shorts from the department store of Robinsons Galleria. It's a touch too big but it's a nice departure from the slim fit of my others.
As for my top, chambray yet again. Short sleeves make it a go-to piece for hot days.

The suede shoes I got from BKK needed some breaking because they're extremely narrow. They were surprisingly comfortable though, not too mention, versatile.

D: I think I went a little overboard with the pink but I'll take anything with a bow print. Oh and I love my ridiculously enormous round sunglasses! Never mind that they make my face seem even more rotund.

We'll be carrying another version of this bag and my dress in Looking for Lola so watch out for our next batch!

Vintage belt from my mom
This fastens with a hook and rope knot at the back. Part wrestling champ, part Aztec warrior. (I hope I'm getting my references right!)

A peek at the Aranaz bag I scored at the sale!
Can't wait to take it out for a spin soon.

The girls of Glitterati were kind enough to invite us to their Prive event on Wednesday, September 1 at Members Only. These girls are definitely going places fast!
Let us know if you'd like to come along so we can inform Joanna and Nina!


Rosanna said...

yay thanks for coming!!!!!!!!!!!

where did you get golden spoon? not in rockwell right????? or did they just open?

Kookie B. said...

love the bag and love the bow print dress even more!

oh, the Glitterati event is on Sept 1. I think you made a typo error. :)

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Sans: Thanks for helping me out with the bag! Oh and we got Golden Spoon in Shang na!

Kookie: Thanks for the correction, edited it already! :)

Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

Loveeee the bag!:) can't wait to see you wear it. And love, so sorry if you weren't able to get a press kit at the Glitterati event. It was just few and it was gone in a matter of seconds when I gave some away to Karl's group!:) Anyway, if you still want it I could send you mine:) And it was so nice to meet you in person!

SoulePhenomenon said...

Love! At last I came to find your blog!!! =)

Thanks for the photo! I love the shades you have here! Plus the outfit too! Great to meet you guys!

Nicole =)

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Aisa: It's no problem at all! Nice to meet you too!

Nicole: Glad you found us! Thanks for dropping by! :)