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We had a 10% discount for Bizu so we decided to check in for some French comfort food. The menu's pretty varied. They have extensive breakfast and dessert offerings and a good selection of entrees and sandwiches. They even have afternoon tea sets that we want to go back for.

Complimentary ciabatta
P: The ciabatta in Bizu is fantastic for sandwiches; crisp outside and soft inside. Goes great with herb butter too.

Agave lemon chai tea in a carafe
This was unbelievably refreshing! The flavorful chai was complemented by the lemon flavor, definitely one of the best tea beverages we've had in a while.

French onion soup
Red onions, beef soup, croutons, gratinated emmenthal and gruyere

D: I love a good French onion soup! This was nearly as good as the one in Je Suis Gourmand, just a tad less rich but plenty good! The cheese was thick and the broth was sweet-savory.

Mixed Ravioli
Spinach and cream cheese ravioli, wild mushroom ravioli, pomodoro sauce, cream, garlic, feta cheese, aged parmesan, and basil chiffonade
P: D preferred the spinach ravioli while I preferred the mushroom one. Both went great with the sweet pomodoro sauce though. It's a small but filling serving, just enough to complement a heavy meat dish.

10 Hour Roast Beef
Slow-cooked USDA beef belly, potato gratin, grilled veggies, horseradish and mushroom espagnole
Although it was tender, I expected the beef to be almost crumbling after "10 hours". Perhaps there wasn't enough fat. It was still really flavorful though and came with good gravy (make sure to request extra). The horseradish went surprisingly well with it too.

100% Valrhona chocolate souffle cake withe vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce
Chocolate overload and vanilla ice cream to boot! They sure know how to be decadent. The calories are really worth it to try this, even if you're on a diet.


RDS plaid jacket, Topman shirt and chinos

I get cold easily, especially in malls. It's nice to have a jacket I can take outdoors too, without getting you sweaty. It's a great throwback; reminds me of the 90's .

Soiree nude blazer with sheer sleeves, Pill denim shorts, Janilyn wedges

Yet another lazy day outfit. Threw on the blazer to look a little less sloppy. I love the sheer sleeves, collar and oversized lapel on this.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


fashioneggpplant said...

you got me seriously craving!!! i LOVE the food in Bizu. spectacular. your blog is really cute. i love how your bf agrees to doing outfit shots and contributions. deserves a big AWWW. you guys are like best friend lovers! :)

ynaamores said...

I love your outfit as always D
food looks delicious. That french onion soup is mouthwatering

Rosanna said...

that cake looks so good nga!!! was the ice cream like selecta lang or did it taste like they made it?

Patty said...

Paolo's jacket really does remind me of the 90's! Great find!!

And Dani, I love your leopard shoes. Wish I had the style and panache to pull it off :)

shooting star said...

the food luks yummm.especially the souffle!!!...
love ur(the lady's) luk...especially the shoes

Madge Reyes said...

i love your blazer! been trying to find one here in manila. btw, i also noticed youre a (former) povedan like me! cheers to that :) Lovely blog!


The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

@fashioneggplant and ynaamores: Thanks for the sweet comments, guys! And yes, Bizu is delish! The soup + cake were my highlights!

Sans: Hmm.. not too sure if it was homemade ice-cream but it wasn't definitely good enough with the cake and all.

Patty: Thanks! :) He got it lang in Galle for like P700!

@shooting star: Thank you! Yes, the food was definitely worth the calories! :)

@Madge Reyes: Hello! Thanks for stopping by. :) I got it at the Girls Teens Wear section of SM for around P700-800 I think!
Cool to hear that you're a Povedan too! What batch are you? :)

Madge Reyes said...

09 :) You're so stylish! Yay Povedans haha