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The Ramp on Show

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Last Tuesday, Rosanna and I attended the fashion show of The Ramp's summer selection.
I remember doing a finds feature on The Ramp many posts ago and P and I are huge fans of the store. 
I love how they carry so many different labels and you're sure to find whatever it is you're looking for.
Sometimes, even if you aren't looking, you end up walking away with something anyway!
Here are some things that grabbed my attention.

We were both gushing over the cap-toe slip-ons with nautical emblems!
Too bad P doesn't want them for himself so I could live vicariously through him.

Cute gingham shorts!

Loved the suit second from the left!

Possibility wedges in a great shade of yellow

Loved these! I hate it when toes go past the edge of the shoes though! :s

Possibility peep toes in lavender with black chunky heel

I liked the colors and cut of the Schizo dress one the left!

The much-anticipated Gold Dot April collection made an appearance at the show. 

We were seriously going gaga over all of them!

Pretty beaded top and pale pink pantaloons!

Loved this Willow top! 
I like how slouchy it is and the rope tie is a nice touch.

Willow's offerings

Adorable baby and skirt!

This set was so pretty! Loved the colorplay!
My favorite is the blouse on the far right.

Spot the khaki and salmon dress at the left!
It kind of reminded me of Alexa Chung.

Oh to be tall and thin! Wide stripes are so hard to pull off!

Khaki and pink boxy top caught my eye.

The blue dress was so understatedly chic.

I really want to buy that sheer polo! The collar just sells it for me!


 Bkk sheer top, F21 midi skirt, JS Dany platforms

 Picked up this skirt at Forever21 last week. 
They also carry it in black but I like this shade because it seemed less severe to me.

Longer hemlines totally kick mini-skirts' kaboose!

 vintage leaf necklace, Metro fringe necklace, vintage bracelets, F&H cord bracelet
square wood ring from Bali, F21 knuckle ring, vintage gold ring

Have fun shopping at The Ramp!


fashioneggpplant said...

wow, that show was awesome. so many pairs of pretty shoes! the colors were great too. love your outfit :)

Gessyl Enchanted said...

love the Dany platforms! cute nailpolish too.. :)

amischmashedlife said...

Loved that show! Great blog and loved what you wore to the show. Oh and that's me and my baby right there :) Thanks for this post. Hope to bump into you someday!

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Thank you fashioneggplant and Gessyl Enchanted! :)

@amischmashedlife: Really?!? That's so cool! Your little girl was such a cutiepatootie, a real showstopper! And your outfit, too! Loved your shoes! :)

Thanks for stopping by!