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 Look what the post man brought me!
 Cute tote!

 Yummy wedges from Gold Dot's April collection!
Everyone's been buzzing about this so I'm really glad I was able to get a hold of one of the pieces.
Ally of Gold Dot comes up with such fresh and interesting designs and I'm so excited for everything this stellar shoe brand has to offer!

The Calliope wedge in Blush
Isn't she a looker? 
I need to take her out for a spin asap!

Another new addition to my shoe family is this distressed black leather and wood wedge ("flatform") from Matthews. I used some Sodexho gift checks I had left over from my previous teaching job. These are surprisingly light and extremely affordable, if a tad bit trendy.

I actually wore these to work and survived my 7am-3pm job running after 7 year-olds and walking all over a huge campus! Really comfy and an awesome height boost!

 And here I am giving them a nice reception into my room.

Please don't think I'm crazy. :)

Thanks for submitting all your entries, everyone. We've been going through them the last few days.
We're figuring out how to judge the submissions, but we'll probably take it to a vote among our friends and family. You can keep joining until Easter Sunday, 10:00 pm.

Go to this post for the mechanics! :)


fashioneggpplant said...

i didn't realize that their april collection's out already. was thinking about those matthews sandals too but decided to get the ones from oro nero cause i already have something similar to those. are the gold dot's light? comfy? they're cute! oh, and i don't think you're crazy. my new shoes also have a day in the spotlight before i tuck them into my shoes cabinet :)

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

The Gold Dot shoes are fab! The sole is nice and cushy, which is a great plus. I super recommend them.
And I'm glad you can relate to my antics! When I get new shoes, I wear them around the house and stare at them before putting them away! :D

Kookie B. said...

can't wait for my Calliope wedges! they're gorjaz!

Rosanna said...

i want my shoes to arrive already!!! :(