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We know it took an age, but we can finally announce the winner of our first blog give-away!

danielle said...
Hi! I've been reading your blog when you guys were just starting! I got hooked (most especially with your food escapades) and decided to follow you on Blog Lovin'! You guys look so great together:)

Anyway, I would like to share one of my favorite restaurants, ever! It's called Chariya's and it was previously located along Reposo in Makati. But they moved now to the food court in 168 mall, over at Binondo. Their Thai food is the best that i've tasted so far, and the prices are insanely affordable, too!! I hope you two get to feature the restaurant soon! You won't regret it! plus, when you visit there, not only will you enjoy amazing thai food, but also, you can score goodies and fashion finds at 168 mall! :)

You've just won the Looking for Lola satchel!

 Wait for our e-mail so we can get your shipping details.
We definitely need to find the time to visit 168 now, because we're crazy about Thai food!

Thank you to everyone that joined our little contest
We'll definitely try to check out your suggestions as well. :)

We're backed up with a ton of posts waiting to be published so stay tuned!
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Gillian Uang said...

Jealous! :(