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 It has come to our attention that this blog's first birthday coincides with our 100th post!
We think that's pretty darn cool. :)

 It all started with a new camera, a trip to Boracay, and a sudden whim to document our "adventures."

 And while we lead pretty laid-back and ordinary lives, it's definitely been a blast sharing our 
discoveries and experiences with whoever is at the other end of this site.

This blog is made up of awkward situations trying to take outfit shots while people milled about, giving you strange "what-the-heck-are-they-doing" looks which led to more awkward situations asking the household help to take photos of you instead.

 This blog is made up of driving around in circles trying to look for that hole-in-the wall joint with supposedly great food that we read about on other food blogs.

 This blog is made up of fabulous night-outs with friends, trying to remember to take photos of what everyone wore and ending up forgetting and just dancing instead.

This blog is made up of countless, endless mall trips looking for interesting things that, at the time, we thought we desperately needed in our lives or closets.

This blog is made up of a handful of out-of-town trips where we tried to make the most of being outside our usual stomping grounds and share all that fun with you.

 But mainly, this blog is made up of two people going through life together and making an adventure out of it, punctuated by a bit of traveling, a lot of eating (P), and a ton of shopping (D).

It's been a great ride and we hope you stay tuned for more!
 SO. All cheesiness aside, we've drummed up this give-away of sorts to celebrate!
It's definitely not even a blip on the blog radar, compared to epic blow-outs that other blogs give, but it's our simple way of saying hi and thank you to whoever is out there.
The loot?

A Looking for Lola mini satchel in pink and turquoise!
It's perfect for the color-blocking trend that's blowing up this summer!
 Do you want it? Read on because it's super easy to join.

1) Follow us using Google Friend Connect and/or Bloglovin' (if you already are, then skip on to number2).

2) Here at Shady, we love a good secret.
So, share with us any food and/or fashion find that you are keeping under wraps!
It can be that small yet delicious restaurant in your village, or a shop (online and otherwise) that has just opened up. It could also be an area (ex. Cubao X or The Collective) where there are a lot of discoveries waiting to be found. It doesn't have to be something only literally, you know about.
Just make sure it's one we have yet to blog about. We're sure there's a ton out there!

Now we promise not to let the cat out of the bag by putting the comments on private.
Of course, some secrets are too good not to share! 
By joining this contest, you are allowing us to feature your special find on the blog.
It's simple, juiciest secret wins the satchel!

We'd like to apologize for coming out empty-handed for the gents but we (meaning P) promise to do something about it for the next one.


Tabitha said...

What an awesome giveaway!
I'm already following you guys on google reader:)

There are so many places I want to share with you I don't know which one to choose!

Okay, there's this place in Cubao.. It's a house-turned-restaurant, with Spanish inspired furnitures (heavy wooden chairs and table).

The food is homemade and is absolutely delicious. The atmosphere is amazing. It's just a great place to catch up with old friends. They have an indoor eating area and an outdoor area. At night, you can have a relaxed drinking night with friends. :)

I made an entry about this place. I wasn't able to take photos of the outdoor area, but I'm sure you two can take better photos when you try visiting it ;)


cheers and happy blog-birthday! :)


Rosanna said...

cute niyo naman!!!!!

Daphne said...

You definitely have to try "Van Gogh is Bipolar" at 154 Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village Q.C.

A one-of-a-kind restaurant experience. No shoes are allowed inside the resto and there arre no servers, meaning you have to order at the kitchen window. This place is quaint and different and the food is good too! Definitely a unique dining expeerience. :)

Daphne H.

jefel said...

email sent :)

fashioneggpplant said...

i love it! it's so pretty :) your blog is one of my favorites. definitely in the top 5, i always look forward to your posts. congratulations! :)

my secret? the best barbecue in Manila. it's a little stall called Benson's Bbq, they've been around since the 50's I think. It's sooo good and the vinegar that comes with it is equally drool-worthy! Better than Aling Nena's in my book, tender too :)

following thru gfc as Ms. Eggplant

Patty Mendoza said...

what a sweet post <3 kinilig ako. haha! congrats Dani and Paolo :)

danielle said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog when you guys were just starting! I got hooked (most especially with your food escapades) and decided to follow you on Blog Lovin'! You guys look so great together:)

Anyway, I would like to share one of my favorite restaurants, ever! It's called Chariya's and it was previously located along Reposo in Makati. But they moved now to the food court in 168 mall, over at Binondo. Their Thai food is the best that i've tasted so far, and the prices are insanely affordable, too!! I hope you two get to feature the restaurant soon! You won't regret it! plus, when you visit there, not only will you enjoy amazing thai food, but also, you can score goodies and fashion finds at 168 mall! :)

- ddj

danielle said...

oh whoops i forgot my eadd:) - ddj: danielle44810@yahoo.com

himynameis said...

followed you already (: one of my most recent/favorite food discoveries is Pan de Americana along white plains. It isn't exactly one of the most inconspicuous places given that its exterior is an upside down house. I checked it out because I'd heard they had omelettes with mushrooms straight from their garden but I was pleasantly surprised with my first visit. They have good food at unbelievably (and according to my mom, suspiciously) low prices. *THE* best pandesal for 6 pesos, complete breakfast meals for 55 and more. I enjoyed having it as a part of my day, whether on a sunday morning or an afternoon after work.

Reggie A said...

Makati Cinema Square is known for it's vast DVD collection, but not a lot of people know that it's got a lot of great ukay-ukays (that always seem to be on sale)! Some of the good stalls are pretty hidden, but with a lot of patience, you're bound to find something good! Haha, and if you start to get tired (and hungry) from all the searching, be sure to stop by Emers, a Chinese restaurant with the best cua pao and salt and pepper squid! :) -Reggie A

himynameis said...

I've already sent an entry but I'd also like to share another food discovery of mine ( and my guy- kinda like the two of you c: ) It's been two months since we last visited and we're still craving for their french onion soup and he's been wanting to go back for the sausage with grilled potatoes and sauerkraut in Larry's cafe and bar in Serendra. Their souffle's also good for two and is an interesting dessert given that it isn't commonly served in restaurants. Just thought it'd be worth featuring on your blog (:

Lourdes Espanol said...

Already followed your blog via GFC (MALOU)

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ghoent said...

Have you tried http://ghoentjunior.multiply.com? Its an online shop for quirky old school finds. Ganda lang.

[half] kidding! (self promotion, sorry. =P)

OK, since we're talking old school, you may want to try Big Better Burgers. They have tasty sinful burgers with juices literally dripping as you take your bite. If you're thinking healthy burgers, this is not the place to get them. Bf and I go here when we want to have unrestrained pleasure and eat yummy juicy indulgent burgers. The bread they use are not ordinary buns, its more of pandesal-like bread giving it a more home-y feel.

our favorites:
Shiitake Teriyaki Burger (if you like it a little sweet)
Jalapeño Burger (if you like it hot!)

Best part about it is they are affordable! Comfort food definitely. =)

We've tried both the SM North Edsa (Annex) and Katipunan branches and they are both ok. I pobably like SM North's a little more though cause this is where we first had a taste of it. :D