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Feature: SM Boys’ Teens Wear - Part 3

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Here's the last of my great haul from SM. The jacket is probably my favorite piece so it's a fitting finale as well.

It's a double-breasted sweater/jacket with wide lapels and a perfect fit.

It's got so much character; a lot more flair than your average cardigan.

Thanks D for helping me find this :)

I also got this trompe l'oeil shirt from the teens' section. I like that the fabric is burnt out; it lends to the rough n' tumble feel of it. It's perfect as something to throw on with a pair of dark jeans.

Don't forget to join SM Boys' Teens Wear contest on Facebook. It's open to all males from 16 to 24 from all over the Philippines. I'm sure you girls can talk the men in your lives into joining because there is over P30,000 worth of SM GCs to be won!
Seriously, there is no easier way to go on a massive, free shopping spree.

Here are the steps:
1. Like their Facebook page (link below).
2. Post a photo of you wearing at least one piece of clothing from SM Boys Teens Wear.
3. Call in your entire family, neighborhood, and friends and beg/force/convince them to like your photo.
Most number of likes wins!
There will be one winner at the end of each week for the next 4 weeks. Each one will get P5k and the grand winner will receive P10k. Remember that you can spend these GCs at any SM-owned merchant.

Get shopping and snapping! Good luck, folks!


fashioneggpplant said...

that's an awesome jacket! :)