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 Flyin' solo for this blog post!
Here's last Saturday's outfit and some of the fun stuff I found over the weekend.

Vintage gray floral cover-up, Nothing but Water tank, random cut-offs. JC Salvatore rainbow platforms, vintage coral necklace from my grandma

 Nothing special, just wanted punchy colors on top of my comfiest basics!

 bracelet, F&H
rings (from L to R): vintage, Gold Dot, vintage, F21

 P and I stopped by the Coachella Bazaar and I bought this gorgeous horn necklace from OS.
I like how raw it looks and I love the thought they put into the packaging as well!

 Check out it's scale against my C3 cellphone!
It's super heavy and definitely a great way to punctuate an outfit.
 I also found this braided cord and feather necklace for only P350! 
It's super fun to play with because of how versatile it is.

 Finally, this double breasted navy blazer!
I found it while P was shopping for his SM Boys Teens Wear feature.
It came from the Boys Kids Wear and it fits and falls really well!
They had a few more in stock so you might want to check them out.

Only P500! I love my random finds!

Did you find anything special this weekend?

P.S.  This Wednesday, April 13 marks an entire year from when we first started this humble, little diary of ours.We've had a blast sharing our adventures with our friends and whoever else stumbles upon this site!
So many of our favorite blogs have exciting give-away contests all the time and we decided to follow suit.
Ours will just be a simple token for the handful of readers that we might have out there!
We'll announce the details this Wednesday so if you want a shot at winning something cute and colorful, stay tuned! :)


fashioneggpplant said...

excited for the giveaway, although i never really win anything! can't believe that blazer was only P500! such a great steal :)

Daphne said...

Wow its been a year already?

Happy Anniversary!!!


Gillian Uang said...

fun shoes!