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Mall Rats: Market Market

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 H&M shirt, Topman jeans and belt, Zara driving shoes

Another shirt stolen from my brother; love the picnic gingham. H&M dress shirts fit almost perfectly aside from the longish sleeves. I wish someone would bring the label over here!

Tango dress, F21 braided belt, JS Dany heels, accessories from everywhere

My mom bought this dress for herself and decided last minute that it wasn't really her style.
Lucky for me that it came free-sized! The tie-dye pattern looks fresh in an urban setting but I wouldn't wear it to the beach.

Speaking of beach, we just came back from Batangas and I think I applied sunblock a little too sparingly. I look like a lobster in this shot! Thank goodness the redness is evening out and developing into a better brown.

 Happy Birthday polish on a bright yellow base from The Face Shop


Given the fact that we both work 2 minutes away from Market Market, it's funny that our cumulative visits probably amount to less than ten. So just for giggles, we decided to explore some unknown territory and check out this huge mall. 
Apparently, it's bigger than we anticipated. We only had an hour and a half so we ended up going to Metro Department Store and half of the Fashion Market. Here are some of the things that caught our eye...


 Tiger t-shirt from Artwork, P350

Fashion Market

 Satchels from a store called Mura Dito (haha!)

 Fashion Market sales go as low as P30 for tank tops!

 Striped shirts for P150

 Men's ombre cardigan, P900
P: I find ombre so interesting and I would've bought this except that the price is a tad high for a market.

Cute dresses for P700

Love the bunny print!

Bomber jacket
P: Great find. The ribbed banding on the hem and cuffs is a good touch.

Military jacket, utilitarian at its finest.

Marikina-made boat shoes for men and women, P1,200

The mix of materials is great. You don't see patent leather on deck shoes that often.

Floral lace-ups for only P500

Metro Department Store

Fun rainbow colored chain link necklaces, P240

Wood necklaces

Knit shawls, P100-200

D: I thought this was a shawl at first but then the tag caught my eye.

It's called a "knit shoulder." Isn't it interesting? I tried it on the first way and it made for a cute pseudo-collar.
Only P149!

Polka dot bikini set for only P349

Sunglasses, P100 something

Funky tweezers for only P29!

D: Ended up taking home these 2 shirts(P100 each) and a bunch of accessories.
The wooden cut-out earrings were only P2.00 per pair! I thought 2 bucks could only get me a piece of candy these days. These were such a steal!
I ended up returning the rhinestone bracelet though because of the crappy quality. It broke 2 seconds after I took it out of the plastic. Steer clear of their metal jewelry.

Hope you had a great weekend! :)


Rosanna said...

seriously dan?!?!? those earrings were 2 pesos?!?!?!?

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Yeah! Crazy, noh? That's cheaper than Bkk markets!

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

love your dress! and you guys are so cute. im glad he lets you take his photos and post them on your blog! most guys wont prolly do that. hehe.

come visit and hope you'll follow my blog too if you liked it! thanks.


The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Thanks Janelle! You'd be surprised at how he hams it up for the camera haha. :D

fashioneggpplant said...

oh my! love those earrings! P2?? definitely checking it out!

brittanymaree said...

cutest nails ever! xo