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We know it took an age, but we can finally announce the winner of our first blog give-away!

danielle said...
Hi! I've been reading your blog when you guys were just starting! I got hooked (most especially with your food escapades) and decided to follow you on Blog Lovin'! You guys look so great together:)

Anyway, I would like to share one of my favorite restaurants, ever! It's called Chariya's and it was previously located along Reposo in Makati. But they moved now to the food court in 168 mall, over at Binondo. Their Thai food is the best that i've tasted so far, and the prices are insanely affordable, too!! I hope you two get to feature the restaurant soon! You won't regret it! plus, when you visit there, not only will you enjoy amazing thai food, but also, you can score goodies and fashion finds at 168 mall! :)

You've just won the Looking for Lola satchel!

 Wait for our e-mail so we can get your shipping details.
We definitely need to find the time to visit 168 now, because we're crazy about Thai food!

Thank you to everyone that joined our little contest
We'll definitely try to check out your suggestions as well. :)

We're backed up with a ton of posts waiting to be published so stay tuned!
P and D

Feature: SM Boys’ Teens Wear - Part 3

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Here's the last of my great haul from SM. The jacket is probably my favorite piece so it's a fitting finale as well.

It's a double-breasted sweater/jacket with wide lapels and a perfect fit.

It's got so much character; a lot more flair than your average cardigan.

Thanks D for helping me find this :)

I also got this trompe l'oeil shirt from the teens' section. I like that the fabric is burnt out; it lends to the rough n' tumble feel of it. It's perfect as something to throw on with a pair of dark jeans.

Don't forget to join SM Boys' Teens Wear contest on Facebook. It's open to all males from 16 to 24 from all over the Philippines. I'm sure you girls can talk the men in your lives into joining because there is over P30,000 worth of SM GCs to be won!
Seriously, there is no easier way to go on a massive, free shopping spree.

Here are the steps:
1. Like their Facebook page (link below).
2. Post a photo of you wearing at least one piece of clothing from SM Boys Teens Wear.
3. Call in your entire family, neighborhood, and friends and beg/force/convince them to like your photo.
Most number of likes wins!
There will be one winner at the end of each week for the next 4 weeks. Each one will get P5k and the grand winner will receive P10k. Remember that you can spend these GCs at any SM-owned merchant.

Get shopping and snapping! Good luck, folks!

Warm Welcome

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 Look what the post man brought me!
 Cute tote!

 Yummy wedges from Gold Dot's April collection!
Everyone's been buzzing about this so I'm really glad I was able to get a hold of one of the pieces.
Ally of Gold Dot comes up with such fresh and interesting designs and I'm so excited for everything this stellar shoe brand has to offer!

The Calliope wedge in Blush
Isn't she a looker? 
I need to take her out for a spin asap!

Another new addition to my shoe family is this distressed black leather and wood wedge ("flatform") from Matthews. I used some Sodexho gift checks I had left over from my previous teaching job. These are surprisingly light and extremely affordable, if a tad bit trendy.

I actually wore these to work and survived my 7am-3pm job running after 7 year-olds and walking all over a huge campus! Really comfy and an awesome height boost!

 And here I am giving them a nice reception into my room.

Please don't think I'm crazy. :)

Thanks for submitting all your entries, everyone. We've been going through them the last few days.
We're figuring out how to judge the submissions, but we'll probably take it to a vote among our friends and family. You can keep joining until Easter Sunday, 10:00 pm.

Go to this post for the mechanics! :)

The Ramp on Show

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Last Tuesday, Rosanna and I attended the fashion show of The Ramp's summer selection.
I remember doing a finds feature on The Ramp many posts ago and P and I are huge fans of the store. 
I love how they carry so many different labels and you're sure to find whatever it is you're looking for.
Sometimes, even if you aren't looking, you end up walking away with something anyway!
Here are some things that grabbed my attention.

We were both gushing over the cap-toe slip-ons with nautical emblems!
Too bad P doesn't want them for himself so I could live vicariously through him.

Cute gingham shorts!

Loved the suit second from the left!

Possibility wedges in a great shade of yellow

Loved these! I hate it when toes go past the edge of the shoes though! :s

Possibility peep toes in lavender with black chunky heel

I liked the colors and cut of the Schizo dress one the left!

The much-anticipated Gold Dot April collection made an appearance at the show. 

We were seriously going gaga over all of them!

Pretty beaded top and pale pink pantaloons!

Loved this Willow top! 
I like how slouchy it is and the rope tie is a nice touch.

Willow's offerings

Adorable baby and skirt!

This set was so pretty! Loved the colorplay!
My favorite is the blouse on the far right.

Spot the khaki and salmon dress at the left!
It kind of reminded me of Alexa Chung.

Oh to be tall and thin! Wide stripes are so hard to pull off!

Khaki and pink boxy top caught my eye.

The blue dress was so understatedly chic.

I really want to buy that sheer polo! The collar just sells it for me!


 Bkk sheer top, F21 midi skirt, JS Dany platforms

 Picked up this skirt at Forever21 last week. 
They also carry it in black but I like this shade because it seemed less severe to me.

Longer hemlines totally kick mini-skirts' kaboose!

 vintage leaf necklace, Metro fringe necklace, vintage bracelets, F&H cord bracelet
square wood ring from Bali, F21 knuckle ring, vintage gold ring

Have fun shopping at The Ramp!

1 + 100

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 It has come to our attention that this blog's first birthday coincides with our 100th post!
We think that's pretty darn cool. :)

 It all started with a new camera, a trip to Boracay, and a sudden whim to document our "adventures."

 And while we lead pretty laid-back and ordinary lives, it's definitely been a blast sharing our 
discoveries and experiences with whoever is at the other end of this site.

This blog is made up of awkward situations trying to take outfit shots while people milled about, giving you strange "what-the-heck-are-they-doing" looks which led to more awkward situations asking the household help to take photos of you instead.

 This blog is made up of driving around in circles trying to look for that hole-in-the wall joint with supposedly great food that we read about on other food blogs.

 This blog is made up of fabulous night-outs with friends, trying to remember to take photos of what everyone wore and ending up forgetting and just dancing instead.

This blog is made up of countless, endless mall trips looking for interesting things that, at the time, we thought we desperately needed in our lives or closets.

This blog is made up of a handful of out-of-town trips where we tried to make the most of being outside our usual stomping grounds and share all that fun with you.

 But mainly, this blog is made up of two people going through life together and making an adventure out of it, punctuated by a bit of traveling, a lot of eating (P), and a ton of shopping (D).

It's been a great ride and we hope you stay tuned for more!
 SO. All cheesiness aside, we've drummed up this give-away of sorts to celebrate!
It's definitely not even a blip on the blog radar, compared to epic blow-outs that other blogs give, but it's our simple way of saying hi and thank you to whoever is out there.
The loot?

A Looking for Lola mini satchel in pink and turquoise!
It's perfect for the color-blocking trend that's blowing up this summer!
 Do you want it? Read on because it's super easy to join.

1) Follow us using Google Friend Connect and/or Bloglovin' (if you already are, then skip on to number2).

2) Here at Shady, we love a good secret.
So, share with us any food and/or fashion find that you are keeping under wraps!
It can be that small yet delicious restaurant in your village, or a shop (online and otherwise) that has just opened up. It could also be an area (ex. Cubao X or The Collective) where there are a lot of discoveries waiting to be found. It doesn't have to be something only literally, you know about.
Just make sure it's one we have yet to blog about. We're sure there's a ton out there!

Now we promise not to let the cat out of the bag by putting the comments on private.
Of course, some secrets are too good not to share! 
By joining this contest, you are allowing us to feature your special find on the blog.
It's simple, juiciest secret wins the satchel!

We'd like to apologize for coming out empty-handed for the gents but we (meaning P) promise to do something about it for the next one.