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So I finally broke my shoe shopping ban. Yep, I guess that didn't last very long but no surprise there. What did surprise P (and me) was the pair of shoes that cracked my resolve: a pair of sneakers!
Now, I do love (most of the time, obsess over) a pair of heels, but I'm definitely not the kind of girl that shuns all flats ("Ew, I'd rather die than be caught wearing flats!"- so not me at all). I need them for work. I need them for travel since I refuse to schlep along cobble-stone streets in a pair of heels! I need them for trips to the supermarket. However, before this purchase, I have to admit that I only owned one pair of sneakers - Adidas trainers for the gym. 
So what broke the ban? Well, I've been eyeing Superga sneakers for a while now and a pair of plain navy blue ones seemed ideal for my daily jaunts on the preschool playground. It's just that every time I passed a Superga store, I'd always think to myself that there's a pair of heels with my name on it somewhere else.
Then one day, I spotted this ombre version in the children's department and what do you know? They were almost a thousand pesos cheaper than their adults' line! These are the times when I'm happy to have freakishly small feet!
So much more ideal than the navy blue pair. I can't believe I actually parted with some hard-earned cash for a pair of sneakers! The timing was perfect though because I needed a sturdy pair of walking shoes because it was time for us to hie off to Thailand for a holiday!
D: F21 mint green sweater, tribal print skirt made by Manang Rose, my lola's vintage necklace
I used them to trek all over the gritty streets of Bangkok and explore the ruins and temples of Ayutthaya. I think they held up quite nicely, though a little sullied around the edges.
Here's us at the airport lounge before grabbing a quick Charlie Chan pasta dinner while waiting for our flight out. Watch out for Thai food, tours, and shopping to be featured in our upcoming posts!