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Ichigo: A Shoe Giveaway

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 During a pretty rough work week (last week of the school year), I came home tired to the bone and instantly perked up at the sight of this on my bed. How cute is the logo of Ichigo Shoes?!
I've been a fan of Ichigo for years now. Back in Ateneo, I used and abused several pairs from the brand as I schlepped from building to building. They withstood treks all over the large campus! I remember my brown suede sandals with tassels that I paired with EVERYTHING.
Then, when I started my first job (teaching Language Arts at my alma mater), I remember buying a few closed toe flats to go with my new "working girl" wardrobe. P would even go to the Ichigo stall for me in Greenhills because I would always worry that my size would run out. My cap-toe oxfords took me back and forth from classroom to faculty room with ease.
Now that I'm teaching preschoolers, I have no problem catching up with the little rugrats since my trusty flats allow me to run all over the place without missing a beat.
So what's the point of the summary of the last 6-7 years of my life? Ichigo has transitioned with me from short denim cut-offs and mini-dresses to more modest trousers and button-downs and back. They seem to operate with the fashion equation of current and eye-catching styles + price points that won't drain your wallets.
 Here's the pair that I got, the Tanya Tux Slippers! 
 I love the print, the tassels, and the overall shape of it! I'm such a fan of the slipper style. They're a nice deviation from the classic ballet flat as they add a bit of dandy masculinity to your look.
 Primark top and sunglasses, Kids of Bayo shorts, vintage bangles and Bubbles chain bracelet
 I paired the shoes with really easy pieces since the heat hasn't let up. This prim old rose top hasn't seen the light of day since the first time I used it last year so I thought it deserved some air time. I'm such a fan of how it drapes.
 Found these fun Kids of Bayo shorts awhile back and couldn't resist how quirky they looked. Non-denim shorts are always a nice alternative to have.
A really cool pair of easy-to-walk-in flats are a big must-have for me! I'll definitely be bringing this on our upcoming trip!
And if I don't make a good enough blogger for Ichigo, then maybe my fashion fiend of a niece is a better example! Meet Ally, the nine-year-old daughter of my cousin, Ate Mara and her husband, Kuya Vince. 
 This intelligent young lady is a big shoe addict like myself and Ichigo is one of her top brands!
 How chic is she?! I love that everything is still age-appropriate though!
Rocking the top knot, Breton stripe, and wingtip Mary-Janes from Ichigo! 
What she has to say about the brand: Despite the fact that I love in Singapore, when in Manila, I always make it a point to go to Ichigo or I ask my relatives to send a pair over. Ichigo shoes are comfortable and stylish and 
they are very affordable so I don't even have to ask my parents to buy me one. I can afford them on my own!
I often wear them for they match perfectly with lots of my outfits.

*If it's not too much trouble for you guys, please vote for Ally. She joined a songwriting competition at her school and needs your support! Just go to this link and click on the green VOTE button on the upper right corner. Thanks in advance, guys!

Do you want to win your own pair of Tanya Tux Slippers? Well, it's your lucky day because Ichigo is giving away one pair to a Shady Chronicles reader! As usual, the mechanics could not be any easier:
1. Follow The Shady Chronicles either on Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin'.
2. Follow Ichigo's blog, Facebook, and Twitter.
3. Fill out the blanks found at this link!

Entries will be accepted until Sunday, June 17. Winner will be selected randomly. Good luck, everyone! 


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Your niece is adorable! And very fashionable too! She should write her own blog, I'll be the first to follow. :P

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