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Despite the random rain showers, my mindset dictates that summer is still in full swing.
Cheap Monday denim jacket, vintage dress from Rosanna, Topshop boots, vintage sunglasses from my grandma
I have no idea why Rosanna decided to junk this dress but hey, works for me! I had it altered since its length was super awkward (mid-shin) and the smocking at the back was all wonky. I love most things yellow and bright so this dress is definitely a keeper!
Threw on the denim jacket to add some interest to the outfit and also because it gets pretty cold in the mall, obviously. :)
Pardon the wrinkled sloppiness, it was a long day!
How great is the embroidery? I love that all the colors are so vibrant and clash in a way that works! It's just a fun summer dress that's so easy to throw on.
Super in love with my new ankle boots! I've been wanting a rugged brown pair for the longest time and of course, Topshop knew exactly what I had in mind. I can't wait to get the leather scuffed up and gritty!

For the past few weeks, I've rediscovered one of my elementary-school obsessions, thanks to this book which I found at Fully Booked.
Friendship bracelets, who hasn't done 'em?! Back in school, we would all have one taped to the little cubby under our tables and you would see so many hands furiously knotting away as the math teacher lectured. I think I missed many key topics because of this addictive past time. The most skilled girls in the class would always get requests for the more complicated patterns and I'm sure the craft store in Galleria drummed up a lot of business at the time.
Oh man, I'm kind of embarrassed to show this but what the heck. I even went as far as hording 11 of these crochet cotton thread balls (or whatever they're called)! Now, I'm completely hooked. I've actually safety-pinned one I was working on to my jacket and knotted while waiting for dinner at Bellini's. My family looked at me like I was crazy. I can't tell you how obsessed I am when it comes to coming up with color combinations and matching them with the different patterns!
Here's a nautical one I made for P! This is what he gets in exchange for the engagement ring he gave me haha! 
Just finished this fish bone pattern in mint and salmon but here's what it looked like before.
 It's a good thing that I'm getting into this hobby again because my current accessory fixation is bracelets! At least this way I don't have to spend so much on buying arm candies and there's always a certain sense of fulfillment when you made it with your own two hands.
My latest stash: 
friendship bracelets all made by me
nautical bangles, rhinestone and leather bracelets in sky blue and red from Landmark
Bubbles braided chain bracelet, SM Kids colored skull bracelet
Now I'm working on a rainbow braid bracelet so the next time I post, I'll be up to my shoulders in friendship bracelets!! 


Arianne said...

One could probably do a dozen during IW. ;P

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

HAHA you are probably right! Oh the joys of procrastinating. :D