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Bangkok Day 2: En Route to Ayutthaya

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For our second day of touring, we were taken on a bus to Ayutthaya, the former capital of Siam. Our first stop was the Bang Pa-In Palace, the Summer Palace of Thai kings.
The complex is populated by a surprising mix of European, Thai and Chinese-style buildings. It was an interesting break from the temple-hopping.
It was a little strange to see clashing architectural styles but hey, what do we know?
A brightly-painted watchtower
A veritable army of gardeners keep the grounds immaculately landscaped. You can even explore it with golf carts if you want to spring for the rental fee. 
And now, a random herd of grass elephants.
The ruins of the old city
Check out the cool Buddha head enveloped by the tree.
At this point, I was more than ready to head back to Bangkok.
A few requisite tourist photos
Even the Buddhas get a costume change. Their gold (or yellow) garments change according to the season.
We leave you with a photo that got us some slightly angry stares from the guards. Our friends have been striking this pose whenever they travel to new locales and it's gotten to be a "thing" among us so here's our first lame attempt. :) We're sorry if this is offensive to Buddha!