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Bangkok Day 1: The Grand Palace (and Ichigo Update)

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On day one of our Bangkok trip, we headed out early to the Grand Palace to check out the usual tourist stops.
The Grand Palace is a collection of halls and temples set in the sprawling grounds right in the heart of Bangkok. The royal family used to live here but now it's mostly used for official ceremonies and tourism.
Everything was encrusted with colorful tiles and mosaic patterns.
Here's our helpful guide Tony filling us in on history and random facts.
All the structures are constantly being cleaned and restored to keep them looking spiffy
We missed out on what the golden spire actually is but it looks pretty impressive.
The outer court with giant guard statues
Scale model of the Angkor Wat in Cambodia

It was a hot, tiring morning after a red-eye flight but I guess we had to get a little bit of culture in to offset the real agenda of the trip: shopping! More on that soon!

Ichigo giveaway update: Congratulations to KAT VALDEZ! You've just won yourself a pair of Tanya tux slippers! We'll be getting in touch with you shortly so please check your email. :)
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