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Bangkok Day 3: Platinum

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When we finally had a tour-free day, we put on our comfiest shoes and mentally prepared ourselves for the enormous shopping center that is Platinum Mall. Since we last visited (in 2010), new wholesale malls have popped up and it takes a lot of courage (especially for the males) to face the undertaking of exploring 6 floors++ of unadulterated fast fashion. All things trendy and cheap are right at your finger tips! 
Really couldn't be bothered to take proper photos but here's an example of how every nook and cranny is crammed with merchandise! Prepare your feet and your wallet for some major damage.
Admittedly, the stuff tends to overlap from store to store.
 Challenge Number 1: Find the one that sells the item at the lowest price. Remember that the more you buy, the cheaper each piece becomes!
Challenge Number 2: Look for the stores that sell unique pieces. This store sold tops customized with their own graphic prints!
We both loved the fresh designs (which we didn't see anywhere else) and the quality of the fabrics. The saleslady demonstrated how the print on their shirts don't "crack" or fade even when the fabric is stretched!
Here's a random booth. All the others are in various permutations but all following the same general equation. 
P: While Chatuchak is definitely an experience, Platinum is cool because you get the market prices and finds but combined with the comforts of airconditioning, benches and a food court. Not to say that I'm not completely wiped out after a trip but at least I'm not drenched in sweat.
D: I think we were at the third floor by this time. At this point, we were tired to the bone so we were off to the food court to meet up with my brother and mom for some lunch.
Mini seafood omelettes
Yummy! A different sea animal on every omelette haha!
We got so addicted to these waffles! They come in several variants but our top picks were maple and Thai custard. One piece is only THB15 or PHP21! This makes for the best snack. They stay edible even after a few hours too.
Mushroom spring rolls
Even the food court Pad Thai is delicious! As with the other rice and noodles, you just need to mix in the right amount of fish sauce, sugar and other condiments for the perfect taste.
We were looking everywhere for the crispy catfish salad but they only had this mango salad available. Still, it was a pretty delicious substitute.
We liked that the crab in curry sauce wasn't made up of kani sticks. The heaping pile of crab meat did not make it seem like regular food court fare.
This rice was actually really good; nice and fluffy, just the way I like it. Though I have to admit, that little tentacle sticking out is making my stomach turn a bit.
Here's us at the Suvarnabhumi Airport en route to Manila.
So that's pretty much the bulk of our trip to Thailand! It's so frustrating to come home to Manila's massive end-of-season sale since we're both still recovering from the dent Bangkok left in our accounts. It's probably a good idea to stay away from the malls but let's see if that will actually happen.
Snippets of some of our haul from this trip
We brought home some things to share with you guys so stay tuned for a mini sale that we'll be posting very soon. Hope you enjoyed this post! :)


Noelle Chantal said...

Wow! Shopping to the max!!! What a cute stylish couple! :)