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Bangkok Day 1: Shopping

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P: David and Goliath shirt, JayJays shorts, Zara chukkas
Wearing appropriate clothes for the heat and the miles of walking (mostly inside the malls).
D:  vintage polka dot button down, striped shorts from the dept store, Holster jelly flats 
Nothing shmancy, just a chill outfit suitable for Bangkok's warm weather.
We were looking for a Thai restaurant while waiting to be checked in. Good thing Feuang Nara was right across our hotel.
Thai milk tea, ubiquitous but always good, refreshing and perfect to tame spicy dishes.
D: I need this in my life everyday!! 
Fresh coconut shake, not unlike what's found in the Philippines.
The Pad Thai was sticky and flavorful and we really liked the texture of the fat rice noodles.
The crab fried rice could be a meal by itself with the generous amount of seafood found inside. It just needs a bit of chili and fish sauce.
We decided to order the rice crumb pork because we don't usually see it in the menus back home. The meat was super tender and the plum/tamarind sauce gave it a tangy kick. 
Chicken with cashew nuts, a staple of every menu. 
Our first stop was Siam Paragon, just to dip our toes in Bangkok's shopping waters before heading off the deep end in Platinum.
At the Gourmet Market for Thai delicacies, dried fruit, rice crackers and other snackables. The dried strawberries are a must-try!
We were immediately drawn to this display of awesome gelato-filled mochi balls.
East meets west in the combination of mochi and gelato, with flavors like red bean, green tea, and after eight mint. This mochi was different from the ones back home! We didn't have to warm them in our hands or wait a few minutes before digging in. The texture was smooth and perfect from the get-go.
D: After walking around the mall for a bit, we somehow ended up in the shoe section of Paragon's department store and I was greeted by the sight of this: Jeffrey Campbell overload!!
I was freaking out in a major way because they had so many styles in stock! I was so happy to be surrounded by non-vanilla styles! I wish Fashion Forum would bring in some of the "wilder" designs of Jeffrey Campbell!
My brother and P were laughing while I had a mini-meltdown. I think even the SAs were amused as I stroked my favorite pairs.
<3 Now I have yet another shopping-related reason to visit Bangkok again.
After Paragon, we hopped on over to Siam Discovery for a look-see.

Love all the window displays! Check out the paper bags taking the form of some of the most iconic arm candies! I spy a paper Chanel, Balenciaga, and Hermes!
There were quire a few boutiques for guys as well, all very edgy and on the adventurous side.
We decided to eat inexpensively at the food court and take a break from Thai food for a bit so dinner was in the Japanese hamburger chain, MOS Burger.
MOS burger with cheese - that's a fat slice of tomato, special MOS sauce, cheese and a beef burger
Yakiniku rice burger - the beef is marinated in a salty, sweet sauce and goes perfectly with the rice for a savory treat
Half and half - the fries were thick-cut and the batter on the rings was light, crisp and tasty
At Siam square, ready to head home before another long day of touring.


Kookie B. said...

Dani, this post is making me drool!!! The food, the JCs! Gah!!! And my goodness, they have the JC perspex heels! I want that. Did you get anything from JC? :)