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Antwerp: Vintage Finds

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 After experiencing the major vintage madness that goes down on Portobello Road, we thought we had seen enough thrifted goods for a while, but then we chanced upon Think Twice just off the Meir (main shopping street). It was around 5:00 pm and since most shops close at 6:00, we thought we'd make it our last stop.

picture taken from Cool Capitals
 Sadly, we didn't get to take pictures of the interiors or facade of the shop because we kind of got excited when we entered. After seeing GBP60++ price tags on most vintage clothes in London, we expected steep prices even though Antwerp probably had the lowest cost of living among all the cities we visited. Surprisingly, the price tags ranged from around 18EU or PHP1080 up. Not too bad if you found something really special and one-of-a-kind, right? 
D: So after giving the store a quick run-through, I picked up a skirt I liked. P went to the cashier and asked how much for me. She responded, "Oh, everything in the store is 3EU (PHP180) today." He rushed back to me and we both kind of went nuts... 180 pesos is even cheaper than some ukay-ukays here in Manila and the clothes in Think Twice weren't cheap cast-offs from China and Hong Kong! I'm talking real leather jackets in pristine condition and fully-lined gowns! That's nuts for 3EU!
P: I wasn't actually supposed to look around so I made a beeline for the comfy vintage leather couch. Then I found out about the real prices and I just had to look. The experience was a lot more pleasant than in the vintage stores locally. The finds were that much nicer too, a lot more potential in the goodies.

 D: Here are my top three favorite finds!

 This 80s prom dress is perfect for channeling vintage Madonna! Love the fabric up top.
I grabbed this before I found out about the discount! The colors and pattern make me smile.
The swirly hem of this maxi skirt makes swishing around much more fun!

 P: I already have a bunch of cardigans but this chunky-knit grandpa number will be more functional in the colder season/excessively air-conditioned places. It was also the pop of blue and green that got me hooked.
I was pretty hesitant to buy this because it's exceedingly large but for 3EU, I don't mind springing for the tailor. It's not what I usually go for and I'm not even sure how to wear it but the details were too cool to pass up. Love the suspender buttons and the inside trim.
The stuff we got from Think Twice felt infinitely more special than what we bought from H&M, Topshop/Topman, etc. It was the thrill of the successful hunt for distinct pieces that aren't made en masse.
This is the last of our Antwerp installment! Blogging about our next stop soon!


Number Two Lover said...

Aw, lucky you! It's rare ah :) COngrats! :D

fashioneggpplant said...

love love love the maxi and those suspender pants! :)